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The Barbie Universe

Barbie Doctor, Barbie Gymnast, Business Barbie...Every Career!  Owns a dream house, glam cars and lives in a plastic world.  So Many Barbies!

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"As a Barbie you can do anything". - Anonymous

Are you ready to see bright pink, neon green or vivid yellow on the big screen?  Did you grow up with Barbie?  Perhaps you are a fan or not?  I grew up with Barbie's.  The era was simpler then and imagination plus creativity was paramount.  Barbie allowed us to dream of being someone extraordinary.  Or perhaps you were a budding businesswoman and admired Jill E. Barad, CEO of Mattel, in the 1997 who expanded the Barbie line? She started at Mattel in 1981 and rose in the ranks. The results were astounding.  

Mattel under her leadership grew from $200M to $2B.  She revitalized the Barbie brand and was one of four women CEOs in 1997 to lead a Fortune 1000 company, which was an admirable feat. She transformed Mattel to a premier global family company.  Under her reign Mattel acquired Pleasant Company, the maker of the American Girl line.  In the 1980's and 1990's, I was impressed with her savvy business acumen.  Thus, you can understand my "like" for Mattel and Barbie. 

The Color Pink

The New York Times, recently had an article on "Barbiecore is Surging into Home Decore' and Interior Design" discussing Barbie mania and the fascination of the color pink.  When Barbie was released in 1959, she was wearing a black and white chevron bathing suit without a speck of pink.  The pink connection began in the 70's with the increased usage of pink in their packaging which melded into Barbie branding.  Pink is everywhere right now, and some have painted the inside of their home a vivid pink.  I, personally today, wouldn't paint my home interior pink, though my childhood room was pink. 

The history of pink is also fascinating and does not start with women.  The evolution of the pink originated from the military wanting to wear a lighter hue of red. Thus, pink was not always considered feminine.  Again, as the years flew by, pink became a symbol as a girl's color.  Additionally, fashion designer, Elsa Schiaparelli released her own version of "shocking pink" in the 1930's. 

Today - The Barbie Movie - 64 Years After Release of Barbie

The Barbie movie is releasing in theatres on Thursday, July 20, 2023. Margo Robbie, Barbie, and Ryan Gosling, as Ken and a slew of others in the recent film trailers make the film look comedic, eye appealing and pure summer entertainment.  I have listened to online reviews and Greta Gerwig, director of the film, has created a version of Barbie that is handled beautifully by showcasing the good and bad viewpoints plus what it means to be human.   In a movie cast review, the actors stated that though the film is witty, bright, cheery, and devilishly fun there is a stronger meaningful message relayed.  Lastly, apparently, everyone will start saying to men: "Stop being a Ken!" 

There are groups of Barbie fans who are gearing up for a "girls night out" to celebrate and enjoy this fantasy comedy adventure.    As we know, fashion and Barbie are interlinked.  Every magazine, social media, and even one of our winning tennis teams heading to Nationals are sporting bright pink. So, if you you want to be in vogue, wear pink for the Barbie movie. Here are several pieces that might get you to follow the "Barbie pink road."  And, of course, these are timeless and not trendy. 

Photo by Sandra Gabriel on Unsplash

"Imagination, life is your creation." - Barbie Girl

Faux Pink Leather Jacket

Combine with white jeans, pink top, pink lips and sandals. Pretty in pink. 

Neon Lime 

Houndstooth never goes out of style.  This beautiful blazer will be perfect for a night out. Combine with a white tank top, white pants and kitten heels.  Stylish. 

Lime Houndstooth Blazer

Pretty in Pink Blouse

Pair with a white jean jacket or white blazer, white jeans, and sandals.  Barbie pink. 

Barbie Pink Lips

Yves Saint Laurent Rough Voluptous Shine Oil-In-A-Stick Hydrating Lip Balm in Showstopping Rose is the ticket. 

There you have it.  A history lesson about Mattel and Barbie.  A history lesson about pink. And, a selection of pink apparel that will make you feel upbeat, happy, and excited especially if off to see Barbie, 2023, opening, July 20, 2023.  After all, what is more fun than seeing a film with a group of friends.  Life is a blessing.  Enjoy every moment.  Pink up!

That's a Wrap!

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