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Isn't this shade of blue divine?  The blue minty shade reminds me of the sparkling Pacific Ocean.  Additionally, images of the Tiffany brand begin to gather in my mind.  After all, who cannot resist a Tiffany blue box with a gorgeous diamond inside?  I also think of Audrey Hepburn in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961). 

Tiffany's has been using this luxurious hue on all of their branding beginning back in 1845.  The turning point was in 1886 when their signature diamond engagement ring was nestled in this ocean blue box.  Thus, The Tiffany Blue box became symbolic of luxury and glamour.  The actual shade of blue was trademarked in 1998. 

If you are fan of this color then you must check out the the Coach Cassie 19 in faded blue found ONLY at Macy's.  I do NOT receive an affiliate commission for this item.  There have been several comparisons on YouTube on how this Coach Cassie 19 in faded blue is similar to the Tiffany hue.  And I must agree.  

I recently have become obsessed with the Coach brand.  Many years ago, I loved the Coach brand but then they changed direction and I lost interest.  However, Coach is back with a sublime 1941 collection that is glamorous, elegant, and constructed with exceptional leather and design.  Once again, everyone is flocking to Coach because of the quality and price point.  The big sister, Coach Cassie, is considered a competitor with the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis.  

The Coach Cassie 19 is the most elegant and refined small handbag in the fashion industry today.  I love that it is basically logo free.  As you have read on my blog, logos are passé.  They signify "common" or seen too much in the public.  Of course, this is my opinion, and you can do as you wish.  The handbag comes with three straps, a heavy chain, top handle and crossbody.  All removeable.  The cream, black and other colors come with brass toned hardware.  The faded blue has silver hardware. 

Surprisingly you can get a plethora of items into the Coach Cassie 19.  A small wallet, lipstick, lip balm, mints, sunglasses, readers, car keys, and cell phone.  The outer pocket is used for receipts. The  five star reviews on YouTube for the Coach Cassie 19 are through the roof. 

What are you waiting for? As I stated, you will find at Macy's.  Along with a delectable orange and several other hues. These summer tones will make you smile, stand out and radiate in Audrey Hepburn style. 

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Hope you all are enjoying summer fun.  Take a whirl and pick up this glorious faded blue and undoubtedly twinkle among your friends and family.  You will not be disappointed with the quality, and functionality of this precious and memorable handbag.  I guarantee it. 

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