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On a recent girl's trip, I noticed the various shoes worn at the airport.  I had on my Greats, The Royale Blanco, all leather tennis shoes, another fashionista sported flip flops, and another in running tennis shoes with the last one sporting a pair of Sorel Women's Kinetic Impact Ankle-Strap Sport Platform Sandals.   These hot looking sandals caught my eye.  Mind you, I love my Greats, but they did get a little warm on the plane.  However, are very sporty and comfortable.   Yet, the Sorel sandals caught my attention. 

Since I enjoy my Sorel boots, why not give these Sorel sandals a whirl?  They looked sassy, comfortable, elegant with a slight heel.  So, I began my research and quizzed my girlfriend endlessly about them.  Apparently, several of our other friends highly recommend these sandals for all excursions.  And most notably for travel and walking.  You can wear them dressed up or casually.  They are also easy to get on and off, which is perfect for the airport or anywhere.  And they come in a few fun hues.  The orange is almost sold out.  Otherwise, black is always in vogue.  

The reviews are off the roof especially for those travelling and walking a lot.  Why not look chic and elegant in a pair of these Sorel Women's Kinetic Impact Ankle-Strap Sport Platform Sandals.  Check them out. 

True to size.  Happy shopping.  Enjoy your new "on the go" Sorel sandals.  I do receive a small shopping affiliate percentage. 

"I like Cinderella, I really do. She has a good work ethic. And, she likes shoes.  The fairy tale is all about the shoe in the end."  - Amy Adams

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