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What To Wear On The Plane

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"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." - Rachel Zoe

Recently, on a trip to a sunny locale, I wore a brightly hued outfit to the airport. After all, I was thinking about my destination and wanted to dress with flair and fun.  It is also well-known that if you dress well for any event, adventure or daily activity, one is often treated better.   I know this to be true.  I remember being bumped to first class in my corporate travel days with a friend.  

What I found out was that everyone at the airport - I mean everyone - was dressed in black, brown or grey.  Their attire was somber, depressing and sloppy.   I was stunned.  There were lots of tight leggings which are not attractive and also may cause blood clots amongst the plethora of  jeans, sweatshirts and flip flops.  Mind you makeup is at a minimum or not at all. There is only one word to describe - boring. Since when did we become so drab?  Furthermore, to pour more oil onto my diatribe, a friend of mine recently mentioned she was quizzed why she wears her pretty dresses and jewels when on vacation or out and about?  Something must be in the air.  My friends and I always dress for dinner, at tennis or for daily activities.  At the pools, we sport vivid colored swimsuits and paste diamond earrings with delightful coverups.  Note:  Never take REAL jewelry on vacation.  

Additionally, when I play tennis, I am always color coordinated.  So when did this all change?  Was it the pandemic?  Or the fact, that home décor has been grey and white?  No wonder many are depressed, anxiety ridden and unhappy.   Not only are they working from home, which is blah with no physical connection, plus their surroundings are not of nature.  Look outside - it is green, blue, yellow, red, pink and basically a color wheel of happiness. The world and animal kingdom is not grey, brown and black.  For heavens sake - step it up and start dressing for success.  Bring some joy into your world.  Life is short.  Life is incredible.  Life is gloriously beautiful.   It is not a panacea of moroseness.

Mind you, my usual airport attire is black pants, yes pants not leggings, white tee shirt or flowy top and a white jean jacket with sandals or leather tennis shoes.  I add my costume jewelry, small handbag, check my luggage and have a carryon.  Add a colorful scarf and red lips.  Done. Everything is organized and ready for the world at large. 

So what happened with my dazzling Lily Pultizer pants, orange top, orange jacket and orange sandals attire?  Well, for one I did receive nice comments, which I was not looking for at all.  On the flip side, I stood out, which on returning from my foreign locale may have caused angst.  However, when a second bus came to take us to our departing plane, I led the charge.  Everyone followed.   Perhaps when you dress well, you also lead.  Like I have said before, very few in life are leaders and the majority are followers.  They follow the trends.  Leaders never follow trends.  They follow what they believe in.  They follow what is in them.  They lead. 

The decision when you travel and how you dress is up to you.  Why not had some magnificence to your attire?  Why not indeed.  More over, ever great historical moment of happiness is filled with the hues of rainbows.  Think weddings, coronations, election ceremonies, parties and get togethers just to name a few.  What are you waiting for?  Everyday is a movie, you are the director, so dress for success.  Sprinkle color into your life. 

My Classic Attire Plan for Travel

Theory Pants

Majestic Tee

Lauren Ralph Lauren 

Treasure & Bond

Same Edelman Loafers

There you have it! What to wear while you fly in the friendly skies.  And, sometimes spice it up with color.  You will love it.  Remember to dress for comfort too.  Enjoy your travels. 

"Dressing well is kind of good manners. When you are standing in a room, your effect is the same as a chair's effect, or a sculptures. You're apart of someone's view, you're a part of the world, and so you should dress well. I find it is a show of respect to try to put on your best face and look as good as you can." - Tom Ford

That's a Wrap!

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