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Can You Say "Vacation?"

"Fashions fade, style is eternal" Yves Saint Laurent

Spring has sprung and vacation madness is upon us.  For many, it is the first time in two years to get out of town via an airplane to a favored destination.   What a grand time to partake in a well-deserved excursion. Sure, you might have to wear a mask, take a Covid test yet the effort is worth every cocktail, sandy beach, and the ocean. 

After a relaxing trip to Cabo San Lucas, I do have a few comments before I share with you my all-time favorite sandals and sun paraphernalia.   I always wear wide brimmed hats, rash guards, wear lots of sunscreen and keep out of the direct sun.   Many will take the opposite road and bath in the glorious yellow orb with aplomb.   Not me.  The sun and heat are not my friend. 

To Dress or not to dress? That is the Question.

Additionally, flying has the usual quirks of lots of harried people, lots of luggage and lots of crazy behavior only a bit worse. What I noticed was how people were dressing for the plane.  I was shocked.  The rolled out of bed, glued on tight athletic wear showing off every bump or curve, sweatshirts finishing with flip flops was rather dismal. Maybe they were extra comfortable but where was self-respect or respect for others? It only takes a few minutes to put on classic apparel, swipe mascara and comb one's hair.  Now, one should not be judgmental.  Yet, I couldn't help but notice how numerous have gone down the "laziness or indifferent" road. 

Why not wear a nice pair of slacks, jeans, blouse or tee-shirt, jean jacket or sweater combined with sandals?  Makes sense to me.  Alas, everyone must enjoy their own private Idaho.  I personally want to look good rather than appear disheveled and unkept.  More importantly, a little-known secret, if you present yourself well, you are treated well.  Sounds like one plus one equals two.  Now that is the ticket.  

Should I Be Naked? Perchance?

Lastly, do not get me started on string bikinis.  Even if you have the most svelte and beautiful body, you might as well be naked.  It is rather tragic or is it alarming?  Again, your own story and life journey.  How you present yourself is how people will respect you.  I mean that is if you want respect.  Maybe you do not care. Perhaps you live in your own little bubble unaware of the world with your head stuck firmly in the clouds or more appropriately in the sand.  Hopefully, you do desire to be thought highly of and will think about what you wear on a daily basis.  Once you have this piece figured out, understand how your behavior, words and actions mixes with fellow human beings.  Act accordingly with grace and light. 

Fascinating how the world spins your way when you believe in the power of positivity and remember that you are not alone on this planet.  Make a difference, be noticed, be kind and step up to the plate of being a happy person who brings happiness to others.  Be a Ted Lasso. 

Favorite Brands 

Number 1

The Ultimate Sandal  

Pikolinos Blanes Sandal

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" Marilyn Monroe

This sandal is comfortable right out of the box.  It is true to size as well.  With soft leather and a two- inch heel, you are bound to be stylish.   Comes in black, brown and a cream white.  Perfection for travel.  By the way, wore these all over Cabo San Lucas.   They are super comfortable and very chic!

Number 2

Statement Frocks

                                           Lily Pulitzer                                      

"I want people to see the dress but focus on the woman." Vera Wang

Anything by Lily Pulitzer is exquisite and a must own.  The prints are spring and summer fun sunshine dipped in an array of hues.  The fabrics are sublime.  Basically, you will be the talk of the town wearing a Pulitzer dress.

Number 3

The Sun Hat

Eric Javits


"Statement hats make an entrance."       

Do not leave home without a sun hat.  If you want to protect, your beautiful face, be sure to wear a hat plus sunscreen.  As one ages, sun wreaks havoc on your skin.  Once you are cooked, fried and baked, you will be forever wrinkled, and little can be done to save your skin.  Moreover, the increase for skin cancer on your face is one hundred-fold.  In other words, wear a protective sun hat.  Javits makes the best plus are stylish.  

The world is your oyster.  It is your monumental moment.  How you want to be perceived is completely up to you.  How you want others to remember you is your mark on the world.  We all make decisions.  Our words, actions and yes, how you appear in life does have an effect.   Why else is Audrey Hepburn still a fashion model for those who want to be seen and respected.  If you do not know who Audrey Hepburn is well then you have a bit of catching up to do. 

And, if you have not seen Ted Lasso (Apple TV, 2020), I highly recommend watching the series.  Lasso makes a difference in a positive and likeable fashion.  Do it. You can too. What are you waiting for? 

That's a Wrap!

Until Next Time,


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