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The Plane, The Plane

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Spring is glorious especially when the sun peaks out in the Pacific Northwest.  Those precious moments are something to behold. We race out and grab a few sunshine rays before the next bout of rain begins.  On the other hand, the grass is green, the air is clear, and the plants and blooms are springing forth.  With spring comes the inevitable jaunt to somewhere warm to play, swim and enjoy the elements. 

The Plane

Let's face it, plane travel is abysmal these days.  Anyone who has ever been on an airplane has witnessed passengers who are overloaded and bringing their entire life onto the plane.  They may have a heavy back pack or overstuffed tote while rolling a bulky carry on bag that they muscle into the overhead compartment.  I have even seen some request others for help. When, the obvious solution was to check the bag.  Yes, I understand the concerns, yet why do you want to make travel even more uncomfortable for you and everyone else?   Pray tell.  Moreover, the entire boarding process slows to a halt as they lift, heave and settle into their seat.  Often there is no regard about individual space or anything that affects the senses.  Even first class is not that different from the rest of the plane.  The best description word is selfish.  

However, we all love to travel.  So, besides being respectful, thoughtful and kind - here are a few tips that might help you feel relaxed, comfortable and up for anything. 

What to wear on the plane? Pray tell. 

  • Leggings & Gym Wear:  Definite NO.  Not only do they highlight every part of the body but they also are a fire hazard and may cut off circulation.   Plus, not that warm. 
    • Instead: Wear loose fitting pants or boyfriend jeans.  You will radiate beauty and be warm. 
  • Sandals:  Maybe YES & Maybe NOT:  Now this is a tough one for me.  In a recent article, I read you should not wear sandals with any heels in case there is an emergency landing.  If the raft is inflated, you will have to go bare foot since a heel will deflate the raft.  Interesting.  For me, shoes are the heaviest items in my suitcase.  I also am NOT a fan of athletic tennis shoes on a plane or anywhere else except for the gym.  Yet, these ironically might be the best choice.
    • NO to flipflops, Crocs or Brikenstocks.   Especially men.  There is nothing worse than seeing men's feet on a plane.  Truly an ugly sight. Women usually have freshly painted toes.  
    • INSTEAD:  Wear a nice pair of leather tennis shoes or a closed toe flat.  I am still on the fence with in regards to no sandals with or without a heel for women.   To follow or not to follow - that is the question?
  • Scarf: Definite YES: A warm scarf is essential.  The cabin can be chilly.  Instead of a bulky coat, sport a jean jacket with a snuggly scarf.   You can even purchase a wrap that can be used on the beach for sun protection. Check out Coolbar
  • Tote or Travel Bag:  Maybe YES & Maybe NOT:  Most racing through the airport terminals lug around a tote that is filled to the brim.  Perhaps the tote is organized so one should not be too harsh in judgement.  A friend of mine loves her tote and it is organized with pouches, the tote divider and looks easy to carry.  See recommendation below.  Anything Coach. 
    • THE TOTE:  
      • Pro's:  
        • You can carry ALOT.  Tech items, tech cords, small handbag, lotion, food, scarf and anything under the sun.
        • Can empty upon arrival to designation and use for other purposes.  Beach bag. 
      • Con's:  
        • Could be heavy?  Hurt your shoulder or just cumbersome. 
        • Might be cumbersome if does not have a shoulder crossbody strap. 
        • Cannot locate what you need quickly.  Unless organized. 
    • THE TRAVEL BAG: The carryall has lots of pockets, zips and space to carry everything. 
      • Pro's:  
        • Organized and quick access
      • Con's:  
        • Maybe again be heavy though has a strong crossbody strap. 
        • Small handbag is not needed.  However, I like one. 

What Do I Use?

I have used the Lo & Sons O.G. 2  travel bag for the last several years, which I adore.  It easily affixes to luggage, organized, has large shoulder strap and basically perfection.   I also carry a handbag for super quick access.  The only challenge is sometimes the handbag and carryall compete for space on the floor. By the way, never put your handbag directly on the floor.  If the handbag is too big, you will need to chose to put your travel bag in the storage bin.  Additionally, the space in the seat pocket and in front of me tends to be constricted.  My next idea is to bring a small handbag and put inside the travel bag after seating on the plane. 

There is a lot to think about before flying.  We are lucky to travel.  My goal is to make it easy and effortless. Do not even get me started on the next steps of packing and getting the weight down. This is another challenge and definitely meant for another article. 

Plane Must Haves

The Warm Scarf

Nordstrom Tissue Weight Wool & Cashmere

Light and warm.  The perfect throw on the plane.  Lots of colors. On sale too. 

The Tasteful Tote

Coach Willow Colorblock Leather East-West Tote Bag

I am obsessed with Coach.  Why? Quality is superior, virtually no logos, luxurious and are statement pieces.  You cannot go wrong owning a Coach handbag.  This chalk hued Tote is simply gorgeous. 

Do not forget your book, sound cancelling head phones and anything else that keeps you calm and happy while flying.  Have a safe and wonderful vacation.  

That's a Wrap!

Until Next Time,


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