Fashion Picks - February 2023


Born to Shop!

"Happiness is not money, but in shopping." - Marilyn Monroe

The ultimate world for a shopper is a well organized closet filled with lots of color and classic apparel that allows one to dress quickly.  The coveted and filled spaces fascinates the mind with fresh combinations.  It is a reminder that fashion is art.  Clothing is art.  Color is art.  Thus, shopping and owning apparel is not only essential but an artistic endeavor.  

If you are like me, you love shiny and new.  Your ear is to the ground and your eyes are always searching for the next "exciting" item to add to your collections.  Before we get lost in my new finds, please assess what you have already acquired.  You may find that you already have enough.   Chose anything new wisely. 

If you have been buying classic apparel, your hidden secrets are timeless.  I am not one for trends and rather cling to items that are lasting for years to come. 

Favorite Brands

Number 1

Melinda Maria Jewelry

"I'm a passionate jewelry lover, maker and wearer," she says. "I'm so lucky to share it with the world." - Melinda Spigel

Looking for an instant "pick me up?"  Say no more.  Melinda Maria La-based Handcrafter Jewelry is your go-too jewelry for day and night.  Melinda Spigel, is a self-made designer, who has created a line of jewelry that is simply eye-catching, affordable, timeless and edgy.  95 percent of the line is shipped directly to the customer rather than sold through brick and mortar. The jewelry is hand crafted, with 18-karat gold plated fashion jewelry, semi-precious gemstones or high-grade cubic zirconia.  You can also find 14-karat gold rings with emeralds, sterling pieces and pendants. 

Celebrities, such as, Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner, Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, Anna Kendrick, and the list goes on, adore this brand for its couture taste at the perfect price.  Many are dressed in high end couture frocks with elegant and cost friendly jewelry, emulating high end priced jewels.  It is the "every girl" line of jewel fashion.  

You can mix and match necklaces for a mesmerizing effect.  For instance, the combination of the Fierce Jaguar Cuban Chain Necklace with the The Gatsby Necklace is breathtaking.  Along the same token, the rings are exceptional too.  I personally love the Slick Pave Ring and am tempted to purchase the Cigar Band Ring.  And, then there are the diamond necklaces, such as The Queens Collection.  Bottom line, you cannot go wrong sporting these incredible and beautiful jewels.   

What are you waiting for?  Check out Melinda Maria!

Number 2


"Books are uniquely portable magic" - Stephen King

When you reach a certain age, you will need readers.   I recently purchased Peepers and love them.  My favorite are called, Joni (blue light technology) by Peepers.  The bold cat-eyed frames come in red, blue, and black.  They also have a floral design inside the rims that adds a playful vibe while being elegant and sophisticated.  Of course, I bought all three hues and rotate them throughout the day.  Another great hit at the right price. 

You will find a plethoric of designs, styles, and sizes to suit your needs.   Happy shopping and happy reading. 

Number 3 


"I am a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare, you really do not need a lot of makeup" - Demi Moore

I love skincare.  In fact, over the years, I have tried everything from high end department store brands to supermarket brands.   My skin is extraordinarily sensitive. This is possibly from me trying everything under the sun, searching for the fountain of youth.  I am the perfect target for hearing about the latest and greatest.  Anyone that knows me, has seen my red rash now and then. Most often originating from  a new product that is supposed to slow the aging process on my skin.  What happens?  I always end up in a dermatologist office looking for something to eradicate the red welts on my arms, legs, torso, and face. Repeatedly, I heard use something with few ingredients on your skin.  Simplify your routine. 

Last summer, I ended my skin care routine purchasing obsession, and finally used only CeraVe on my face and body.  What happened?  My skin stopped reacting.  Finally, my skin went back to normal.  That doesn't mean that now and then a red rash will appear.   It is is less reactive than in the past. 

To be forthcoming, my mother had gorgeous skin her entire life.  Why? She used only Dove soap and water. That was it.  I have my mother's skin but was obsessed with staying youthful and keeping the wrinkles at bay.  She also stayed out of the sun, which I have been doing for years.  Yes, I travel to sunny locals but am always under an umbrella, wearing SPF garments and slathered in mineral sunscreen. Think of a bee lady.  That is me! Sunscreens can also make me break out along with extreme heat.  And, yes, I am believer in a little Botox but am careful with filler for my cheeks.  Just say no and yes to less. 

The problem with rashes, eczema etc., is that there is no one chemical that causes a body to fight itself.  It is very hard to pinpoint exactly what the issue is that causes a rash. Perhaps it is everything we have been slathering on our skin that has made many to suffer from red ugly rashes.  Then if you start using steroid creams, you can use too much medicine which causes more skin issues.  The cycle turns into a circle.  At the end of the day, we or I needed to simplify my routine. 

Think of a newborn baby with perfect dewy skin.  The skin at these early ages does not need all the creams and lotions we drench ourselves in until we are older and in menopause and beyond.  The skin becomes dry, so a barrier is needed to keep the moisture in.  It is moisture and collagen that keeps our skin looking fabulous.  Cerave products contain three essential ceramides, which restore and protect the skin barrier, keep moisture in and sealing out impurities. 

Now, let's be clear, I am not a dermatologist, and some people have skin issues for a variety of other reasons. This is just my opinion on what works and does not work for me. 

What is My Routine?

Mine is CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser followed by CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion.  In the winter, cleanser and CeraVe Moisturizing Cream.  I haven't branched out to serums or additional products.  For now, for me, this new routine has been a godsend.  By the way, I started using, Ivory soap instead of Dove.  Back to basics. 

There you have it.  My favorite brands for a cold and wintery February.  May you find joy each day, be grateful and pray for those in need.  While you are at it, check out my new favorites.  After all, life is a glorious adventure. So why not splurge a little. 

That's a Wrap!

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