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One month ago, I almost purchased a jean midi-skirt that hit below my knees.  I should have done it.  The one I wanted was sold out.  Of course, afterwards, I started seeing jean skirts everywhere in print, social media and in public. A fitted jean skirt is timeless combined with a white tee shirt or button down Add a sweater and boots in the fall and your chic and elegant.  You cannot go wrong.   

Mind you, do not go below the midi length.  It does not look good if long and at your ankles.  Conversely, short miniskirts are not in vogue either unless you are under 30.  You look silly and are asking for unwanted attention.  Again, only the youth can pull off certain looks.  All the Botox, working out in the world does not defy your age.  Seeking out classic always signifies a woman of substance and self-confidence.  To prove my point, check out Christy Turlington at a recent runway show who is aging gracefully.  Or Naomi Watts on the same path.  Age with grace, some wrinkles and style.

I found these beauties that fit the bill.  The first one has a waiting list. 

Paige Meadow Raw Hem Denim

Mother Swooner Straight A Line Midi-Skirt

Steve Madden Avani Midi Skirt

Are you excited for fall?  Fall leaves, apple cider, cooler weather signal that autumn has arrived.  What are you waiting for? As stated above, combine with a Rag & Bone Sweater, Stuart Weitzman Boots and you are set for a wonderous fall day. 

Etiquette Tip: When drinking wine or anything with a bowl or a stem, always hold it at the stem rather than at the bowl. Additionally, never clink your glasses together because you may break the crystal. 

"Happy fall, happy autumn, happy days to come."  KH

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