"Suits" Is the Rage!


Strong Suiting Comeback

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"I win because that is what I do."  Harvey Spector (Suits - Netflix)

I am late to the party.  The "Suits" party that is.  We just started watching "Suits" on Netflix.  "Suits" (2011-2019) which has nine seasons is being rerun in 2023 on Netflix. Everywhere I go daily I hear, "Are you watching Suit's?" What an entertaining, well-crafted, and executed series plus incredible fashion. Cast members Rachel Zane, (Meghan Markle), Jessica Pearson, (Gina Torres), and Donna Paulson (Susan Rafferty) stand out sporting suit jackets, pencil skirts, high heels, blouses, subtle jewelry, and makeup. They walk with presence, grace, speak eloquently, are witty and intellectual about the law all the while exuding elegance.  Of course, Harvy Spector, (Gabriel Macht), Mike Ross, (Patrick J. Adams) and Louis Lit, (Rick Hoffman) hold their own in high-end suits with custom made shirts.  I am enthralled with the ensemble, acting chops, storyline, character development, twists and turns, law, laughter and of course fashion sense.   

What Does This Have to do with Fashion? 

Well, in a tough economy, like our current one, it is important to invest in pieces that are lasting.  I have said this repeatedly.  Now, more than ever, if you are working in corporate America, or running errands, dropping off children or meeting friends for a cocktail, it is imperative to set the stage. This is your time to shine.  After all, you want to be noticed in a sea of mediocrity fashion.  Trends are not lasting and often on the verge of slovenliness or worse yet a social media landscape of little to no clothing on celebrities or influencers. When did being naked become a "thing?" Are women that desperate for attention?  Rather crass in my opinion.  The "show it all" in social media is horribly tacky and denigrates the strength and role of a women in a society. 

Additionally, we have become a culture of "fake".   Fake eyelashes, fake faces, fake body parts and the list goes on.  Yet, when you watch a show like "Suits", which remains relevant today, you are reminded that being natural (a little Botox and filler now is always acceptable) and dressed for success makes you in a class of your own.  One word describes you: MEMORABLE.

Suiting Tips

  • Choose one within your budget.  Spend a bit more if possible. Think investment pieces.  Always buy a blazer, pencil skirt and pants. Mix and match with other clothing. Start with black or navy.  
  • Favorite Brand:  Theory - Cannot go wrong with a Theory suit.
  • Classic Cuts:  Fitted Blazers and minimal flare pants.  
  • Avoid Trends:  Boxy blazers are not flattering.  Nor overly wide pant hems.  Think sophisticated and timeless. 
  • Blazers:  Black and navy a must. Tweed and hound's-tooth are exceptional.
  • Color Suiting:  A solid color suit for each season.  Red for holidays, pink for spring, white for summer and tweed for fall. 

Favorite Fall Blazers 

"Winners do not make excuses." - Harvey Spector (Suits - Netflix)

Pick Me Up Color 

L'agence Kenzie Checked Double Breasted Cropped Blazer:  Wear with navy pants, white pants and dark denim for weekend outings. 

Autumn Leaves 

Lauren Ralph Lauren Women's Wool-Blend Herringbone Blazer: Polished, sophisticated and the perfect blazer to pair with black or brown pants and skirts.  Add jeans and boots for the perfect autumn day. 

Classics Count

L'agence Kenzie Double-Breasted Blazer:  Sublime, polished with a twist.  The perfect black blazer for work and every day. While you are at it add the navy to your closet too.  Timeless. 

What are you waiting for? Fall is here and now is the time to update your wardrobe with a blazer or suit ensemble. While you are at it - check out the series "Suits".  You will not be disappointed. 

"I can because I do." (Jessica Pearson - Suits-Netflix) 

That's a Wrap!

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