The Descendants (2011): George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Amara Miller

Classic storyline of a workaholic father, attorney Matt King, Clooney, absent from his home life finds himself thrown into the mom’s role after a tragic accident leaves his wife in a coma.  Daughters, Alexandra King, Woodley, 17 and Scottie King, Miller, 10 are typical “4 seasons in a day” difficult young woman determined to make Clooney's life difficult. Clooney’s character is a descendant of an old Hawaiian family who owns 25K acres on Kauai, Hawaii.  His family cousins are in the process of selling off the land causing age old problems.  Film is well acted, moving, tearful and funny.  The Descendants - family bonding at its best:  Classic marriage, working husband, bored wife, difficult teen and precocious ten year old wrapped up in drama about coming together as a united family after a tragedy.  Clooney will be nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Dramatic Role at the Oscars.


MUST SEE:  Drama, great acting, excellent script, funny and tearful.  All and all a good movie.


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