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Warby Parker - Summer, Sunshine & Nordstrom Equals Hottest Sunwear!

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 Let's Frame Up

Open eyes, clear sight with top quality summer sunshine shades by Warby Parker. The stylish sun protecting eyewear is made of superior quality materials used by other high end brands, in the latest shapes with a vintage vibe suitable for every fashionista.   I own two gorgeous Warby Parker sunglasses that are compliment bound with extraordinary beauty, craftsmanship and affordability of only $95. My first exposure to Warby Parker was in Spring 2014.  The company approached Forever Chic Style to highlight the Warby Parker Spring 2014 collection.   The brand is mainly sold online and for every pair purchased one is distributed to a person in need.  Starting today, August 7, 2015 - September 6, 2015, Warby Parker will be highlighted at Nordstrom online, and in-store at on display in the "Pop- In Shop" in select locations. 

Select Nordstrom Locations: Bellevue, WA; Seattle, WA; The Grove, LA; NorthPark, Dallas, TX; San Francisco Center, San Francisco, CA; Tyson's Corner Center, McLean,VA

Personal Fav's

At Warby Parker Online

At Nordstrom Online and In-store - Select Locations

Piper in Black

Rachel McAdams Sporting Tortoise

Piper in Petal Tortoise - Hue Only at Warby Parker Online


Fan of "Bloodline" - Netflix - Florida Keys

At Warby Parker Online Only

Capturing Retro Ernest Hemingway

Downing - Summer 2015 - English Oak

Downing - Summer 2015 - Striped Indigo

"Some old things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat" -  Laura Ingalls Wilder


Sightseeing Vintage

At Warby Parker Online Only

Joplin in Riesling

"Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose." -  Lauren Hutton


Save the Lion's

At Warby Parker Online

At Nordstrom Online and In-store - Select Locations

Banks - Striped Sassafras

Banks - Sea Smoke Tortoise

Piper - Woodland Tortoise


Add White to Everything - "Exclusive" to Nordstrom

I snapped these up today!  Clean, fresh and perfect with anything white!

Hall - Polarized Sunglasses


Experience Warby Parker in Person or Online

Nordstrom - Pop-In Shop

August 7th - September 6th!

Locations: Bellevue, WA; Seattle, WA; The Grove, LA; NorthPark, Dallas, TX; San Francisco Center, San Francisco, CA; Tyson's Corner Center, McLean,VA

Get with the program and ride the sightseeing Warby Parker summertime to year round waves of unique style.  Top quality, polished, sophisticated sunglasses and eyewear all at the right cost to the customer.  What more can a Forever Chic Style fashionista like you want?

"The difference between style and fashion is quality" - Giorgio Armani

Kim Hardwick - Forever Chic Style


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