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WARBY PARKER - Spring 2014 - Vintage Inspired Eyewear

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Warby Parker



Eyeglasses and Sunglasses - Stop the Presses and Hit the Spring 2014 Fashion Mark!


Spring 2014

    The sun is shining, the air is crisp, and Spring is dancing around the corner.   Spring 2014 fashion is the year of classic attire from head to toe with exceptional, bedazzling and unforgettable lasting accessories at the forefront. Watch out pearls, necklaces, bracelets, cocktail rings, earrings and watches there is a new sheriff is in town that completes any outfit with an high voltage image  - eyewear from eye glasses to sun glasses - Warby Parker!  Fashionable specs are practical for some, statement making for others and basically hip and cool adding sparkle, positive energy, fun, intellect and mystery.  For reading, working, daily activities and sun filled days, decked out in spectacles are essential for the savvy professional to the sun bather in Maui, St. Barts or for a stroll in the park enjoying the rays.  Additionally, fashion savants are adorning eye glasses with 20/20 vision to project an image of smarts and a fearless sense of style.  Warby Parker eyewear creates an image of success and exudes Forever Chic Style.

Warby Parker - The 1922 Collection - Men & Women


WARBY PARKER  - An American Brand

Warby Parker  eyewear is stylish, elegant, sleek, and vintage inspired from the 40's and 50's with traces of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Cary Grant. Warby Parker is an American brand of classic and timeless prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses founded in 2010.   The eyewear is sold online, and has eight showrooms in the United States.  The price point is significantly lower, the website superior and customer service reigns supreme.

Why Cheaper:   The National Association of Vision Care Plans states that the average price point of eyeglasses is $263, includes both frames and lenses.  In reality, high end quality glasses and sunglasses range in the $400 and up arena.  As a woman who started wearing glasses in 4th grade the cost factor is true.  For years I wore glasses, contacts and finally had corrective surgery to restore my long distance vision.  Eyewear continues to remain a passion of mine with several pairs of glasses and a vast array of sunglasses on hand for day or night.  After all, eyewear adds mystic and beauty for every occasion.   How can Warby Parker offer high quality, well crafted monocles and shades  at a more affordable price?   To begin with the reason the cost is so steep has to do with a company based in Italy known as Luxottica.  This unassuming and little known company owns Ray-Ban, Oakley, Sunglass Hut, Lenscrafter, Pearle Vision, and licenses almost every high end fashion brand on the market (Ralph Lauren, Armani etc.). In other words, Luxottica has cornered the market and sets the exorbitant cost to the consumer.  Warby Parker, manages the cost by cutting out the distributor and retailers, which creates a fair and equitable price point of $95 to the consumer.

Nod to Quality:  Warby Parker eyewear carefully develops each collection that are vintage, contemporary and refined.  The frames are handcrafted using the finest custom materials, taking several weeks to product from initial cut through polishing. And, are produced on one the same production lines of several high-end boutique brands.  In others words, excellent quality and durability.

Superior Customer Service & Give Back to Charity:  Offer outstanding customer service with a virtual online try on option, which is fabulous, easy and fun to use. 
  • Virtual online Tool: Upload a photo of yourself and try on the eye glasses and sun glasses.
  • Home Try On Option:  Order 5 pairs, 5 days to decide which to keep, shipped to you 100% free.   You have 5 days to try them on.   Return shipping is free.  You will be charged for the spectacles you keep.
  • Call the Optometrist: They will call your eye doctor for you to coordinate a prescription.
  • Give Back to Charity:  For every pair of glasses purchased, a pair is distributed to someone in need.  Warby Parker makes a donation to eye wear non-profits with 500,000  donated to date. In 2012, Warby Parker, gave out 250,000 pairs of glasses, some of which went to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.   
  • Readers Note:  Readers are not available at this time.  Don't despair! The company is looking into this option.  Stay tuned.  And, it is very easy to have a pair of glasses retrofitted with the appropriate reader strength.








SCENE 1: Spring 2014 Collection 

For every frame of mind

Quimby - Absinth                                Burke - Tennessee Whiskey                        Kimball - Whiskey Tortoise

Burke - Tennessee Whiskey                       Lowry - Whiskey Tortoise                       Walker - Canton Blue

A look for every look

WARBY PARKER Spring 2014 Collection contains eight NEW shapes and SIX NEW colors to cover every look.  Stand out front and center with modern classics, adventurous hues, and attention-grabbing silhouettes; they're for wallflowers, centerstagers and can be interchanged for every fashion ensemble. 

I. The Classic & Modern Icon-  The following frames are reminiscent of classic style icons of yesteryear yet make a fresh statement of fun while exuding respect for women and men this Spring.     The new styles combined with gorgeous tones of chocolates and caramel with hints of red create an image of self confidence with a panache for drama.  Envision wearing these numbers when having coffee, pouring over a manuscript or out with friends for dinner or cocktails. In fact, anywhere and everywhere these glasses and sunglasses make a strong impression.  Additionally, the frames with vibrant colors are destined to send a message of show stopping allure.


BURKE - Tennessee Whiskey -  Rich hue with brown sugar tones. Handsome and regal.  (Men Only)
BURKE - Tennessee Whiskey 

BURKE - Sugar Maple - Sophisticated, preppy and simply perfect.
BURKE - Sugar Maple 

WALKER - Whiskey Tortoise - Quietly rounded signaling self confidence.
WALKER - Whiskey Tortoise  

SEYMOUR - Whiskey Tortoise - Square and right to the point with dark and caramel red tones.  
SEYMOUR - Whiskey Tortoise 

KIMBALL - Marzipan Tortoise - Vintage roaring screen siren number that turns heads and is wildly flattering.
KIMBALL - Marzipan Tortoise


KIMBALL - Whiskey Tortoise - Dark, mysterious and a splash of lion.
KIMBALL - Whiskey Tortoise

FINCH  - Violet Magnolia - Classic, tasteful and simple with elegance.
FINCH - Violet Magnolia

MARCEL - Aurora - Softer, rounded with dark with red and gold hues.  
MARCEL - Aurora

II.  A Person of Substance with Blue Sky Eye Popping Art - Colors of the sky adds warmth, excitement and show stopping allure.

WALKER - Canton Blue - Sky blue brightens the face and adds playfulness to any affair.

WALKER - Canton Blue


III.  The Self Confident Presence - Anything red is powerful, strong and commands attention.

FINCH - Grenadine - Refined red in a classic frame is regal with a royal presence.

FINCH - Grenadine


LOWRY - Whiskey Tortoise - Mysterious, unique with a tint of color.
LOWRY - Whiskey Tortoise
LOWRY - Green Citron - Timeless, yesteryear and sleek with aviator nostalgia.
LOWRY - Green Citron
REILLY - Marzipan Tortoise - Roaring unforgettable announcing a person of substance and lion presence.

REILLY - Marzipan Tortoise

REILLY - Whiskey Tortoise - Elegant, toned down, rich with a molasses touch.

REILLY - Whiskey Tortoise

QUIMBY - Aurora -  (Sunwear) The round sunglasses with the tortoise hues and sky lenses is joyous and novel.

QUIMBY - Aurora

IV.   The Fashion Forward Thinker - Be green with envy or perhaps a Seattle Seahawk Super bowl Champion 2014 -  12th man fan.  Daring, winning and the ultimate sun glasses for the creative types or for one making a strong yet crazy and zany image.

QUIMBY - Absinthe -   Be a trend setter with intensity while exuding happiness and a winning spirit.




SCENE 2:  Palm Canyon Collection - Refreshed and Updated

    Palm Canyon Collection
includes the best-loved frames Winston, Duckworth, Preston and Wheeler (The naming of the glasses reminds me of the The Preppy Handbook (1980) or The Boys in the Boat (2013) where John Noel Duckworth was a coxswain for University of Cambridge during the 1936 Berlin Olympics and who also became a celebrated WWII survivor)  that have been  refreshed in a Palm Springs palette of mesquite, acacia, ironwood, and sand. Each frame features a hand-mixed acetate with patterns inspired by Color Field painters and mid century minimalists.
Designing and constructing the patterns required a technique that takes over a year to perfect, and each pair is distinguished with a unique contrast detail created by melding sheets of woodwork-inspired acetate and tortoise acetate together.  No two pairs are alike.  Thus, every pair is show stopping and unique just like the individual that sports Warby Parker glass wear.  Cost is $145.

I.  The Respectful Leader - DUCKWORTH - Painted Desert - The  optical frame and sunglasses are beautifully shaped with a brushed like finish signaling refinement.  Men & Women options.
DUCKWORTH - Painted Desert - Optical
DUCKWORTH - Painted Desert - Sunwear

II.  The Sophisticate - PRESTON - Red Canyon - Firm, resolute and vintage inspired.   Both the optical version and sunglasses are indeed commanding.
PRESTON - Red Canyon - Optical
PRESTON - Red Canyon - Sunwear

III. The Wise & Noble - WINSTON - Cognac Tortoise -  Leader that is memorable, speaks frankly and is trusted.  Popular!! Sold Out.
WINSTON - Cognac Tortoise - Optical
WINSTON - Cognac Tortoise - Sunwear

IV.  Audrey Revamped - WHEELER - Revolver Black -  This hot number is retro Audrey Hepburn with a refreshed and unique vibe.   Wear these and become a woman of mystery.

WHEELER - Revolver Black -Sunwear


WHEELER - Windswept Tortoise - The tortoise tone with the green lens is elegant and so very chic for Spring 2014.  It is one that is show stopping.


SCENE 3:  Time to Shop! Upload a photo using the Virtual Online storeroom.  Order 5 Pairs.  Shop away and embrace Spring 2014 with Warby Parker!



WARBY PARKER Spring 2014 and the Palm Canyon Collection are the "it" accessory in eyewear for this coming season and beyond.  The quality is superb, customer service supreme and price point pitch perfect. Make your presence known this spring with a pair or several of Warby Parker eyeglasses and sunglasses. Be daring, be different and stand out in a crowd.   After all, all the worlds a stage, and everyday you are the director of your own movie.  So, why not complete a fashionable Forever Chic Style apparel ensemble with refinement and a finishing touch - Warby Parker!  
"That's All!
Meryl Streep's character - Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada (2006)


Forever Chic Style Report - Kim Hardwick

"Fashion Fades, only style remains eternal"  - Coco Chanel 


 A pair of Warby Parker Sunglasses highlighted  - March 2014 "InStyle" Magazine  - pg. 518

Celebrities Sporting - WARBY PARKER Eyewear




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