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My Favorite Things 2022

"Christmas is the season of joy, of gift giving, and families united." 

- Norman Vincent Peale

Today is a sunny and bright cold day after a week of snowfall, which by the way, is stunning.  The cold wintery days are here.  With the holiday season, I thought about the items that I have loved over 2022.  It has been a year of reawakening for many and I for one am thrilled to see the events and life I enjoyed is back in full jingle bells swing. 

Holiday shopping can be daunting especially when spending is not top of mind in a tough economy.  Thus, be thoughtful while picking up a gift of two.  One of my dear friends, often states if she purchases something, then she must get rid of a piece similar.  Alas, a reminder to be grateful for what you own.   

I think back to my youth and college days.  We all had very little, shared clothes for dances, sewed our own clothes', painted our nails and counted our pennies. We never colored our hair professionally nor had high end designer anything.  It was completely unheard-of.  My mother would give me $5, when I had lunch at her work.  I was thrilled with this amount.   Today, everyone acts like they are trying to be Kim Kardashian.  Does that make them happy? Hard to know.  No matter, holiday gifting giving brings incredible joy and spreading joy is the ultimate gift. 

There are several items that I coveted in 2022 and perhaps you will too. Before we move on with my favorite things, lets reflect on what is paramount this holiday season.  Yes, you guessed it.  The most poignant part of the holiday season is the time you spend with others that matter.  It is the coffee gatherings, cocktail happy hours, fireplaces burning, snuggling under the covers, and relaxing in the evenings as the days end early.  The winter is a blessed time to remember and embrace what is foremost - connection and communication with others.  Inspire, be positive, be empathetic and welcome your blessed life. 

"It came without ribbons, it came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags." - The Grinch

TOMO - Timeless Glam

These bottles sparkle and bring endless cheer.  They are 100% BPA/BPS-free, keeps drinks hot/cold for 12-24hr., embellished with 4000+ crystals, mesh technology to secure all crystals in place and light weight.  Behold in many colors - pink, aqua, black, gold, leopard print etc.  They are a sight to behold.  Moreover, TOMO partners with Drop4Drop so that every bottle sold gives clean drinking water to one person for life.  (Taken off  TOMO's site.)  This is the ultimate gift for 2023. 


Surrell - The Perfect Faux Fur Scarf

In my last post, "Scarves, The "It" Accessory", I received several requests on how to wear a scarf?  Of course, there are a plethora of ways to tie around your neck. However, this number is your holiday answer.  The Surrell Faux-Fur Pull Through Scarf  faux rabbit fur contains a slit for easy styling.  You will find available in several hues.  It will keep you ultra warm plus fashionable. 

These are two of my favorites.  Hope you enjoy shopping and spreading good cheer to one and all.  More to come!

That's a Holiday Wrap!

Until Next Time,
Kim Hardwick


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