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"I want to live my life, not record it." - First Lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We have much to be thankful for this holiday season.    Being grateful for family, friends and everyday life is so important.  Those that embrace solitude, flexibility, chaos, positive energy and relish the beauty in nature will find deep fulfillment.  It isn't travel, it isn't eating, it isn't drinking fine wines, it isn't buying and consuming instead it is the human physical connections you create daily.  Hopefully, you are joining something, reaching out, calling someone and being present in all activities. 

Are You Building Anything? 

It is easy to state what you hate and who you hate.  And, harder to state what you love and who you love. When someone is negative, always remember they are projecting. These are often people who perhaps are not doing anything of meaningful substance. If you are creating or building something, you instantly radiate contentment and love.  So are you creating? Are you building something? Do you have daily hobbies?  Are you reading? Learning something new? Make every day an adventure. 

Social Media? To use or not to use? 

We had several discussions about social media around the Thanksgiving dinner table.  Though it is a blessing to have information at our fingertips, the constant barrage of information and photos has created a narcissistic and self-absorbed society. A society also lacking in verbal communication skills.  First Lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis said, "I want to live my life, not record it."   I wonder how many people actually "live" versus recording and snapping every moment to send out into the ether? Or answering every text and call that comes their way?  I admit, I do post too and enjoy social media, so you are not alone in this endeavor.  However, I must also note, most of my tennis friends are not on social media at all.  It is just something to ponder and perhaps shelve now and then. 


What does this have to do with scarves? Well, nothing other than a scarf can instantly change an outfit giving the ensemble and "pizzazz" moment.   French women are the queens of donning a magnificent scarf for any and every affair.  In the photo above, I wore a blue knitted dress and needed something extra to dazzle. I immediately thought of adding a scarf.  The result was perfect. Moreover, I have friends who when coming to tennis, sport a beautiful scarf, around their necks as they arrive onto the court.  Why not?  It is cold out and a scarf adds warmth plus beauty.  Even when it isn't cold, the transformation can be show stopping. Why not indeed!

Winter Wonderland Selections

Fraas - A Find Indeed - Lightweight Wrap

Surrell - Must Buy - I Own in Black - Comes in Many Hues


Nordstrom - Tissue Weight Scarf - Lots of Colors

Burberry - Timeless Classic

Welcome December 1, 2022!  Enjoy your life, build, create connections and experience the magic of a warm and cozy scarf! 

Let the magic of the holidays begin. 

That's a Holiday Wrap!

Until Next Time,
Kim Hardwick


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