Summer Vibes

Summer is a glorious time of the year.  The sunshine, water, lakes, rivers, flowers, trees, animals, birds all glow with happiness.  Lately, I have been struggling with what to write about on my Forever Chic Style page.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is over and really should be renamed, The Nordstrom Basics Extravaganza.  You really cannot pick up anything that is high end designer on sale.  Why?  Well, apparently the high-end designers do not need Nordstrom to provide discounts because their items are selling out anyway.  The days of getting a "great bargain" price on an upscale item are apparently over.  That is okay.  Everything changes and we all need basics.  Hopefully, you all snagged a few much-needed items for the fall and winter months to come. 

What are You Doing this Summer? 

For me, The Pacific Northwest, is absolutely stunning  as stated with blue skies, sunshine and summer magic.  There is absolutely no reason to travel anywhere else on the planet during our magnificent months of summer.  With the Cascades, The Olympics, and The Mountain (Mount Rainier) on show, you will be completely transfixed and happy you live or visiting here.  So lots of walks, hiking, playing tennis, lunch with friends and ultimately relaxing in the warmth with a good book.  Beach summer reading is always a guilty pleasure and a must during the dog days of summer. 

Of course, we know this is the hottest growth job market in the country.  Every license plate from the United States can be seen in our area.  No joke.  Everyone from all the states is moving here because of technology boom and space innovation companies.  To top it off, Washington State, was named the healthiest state to live in.  Probably because we are outdoors no matter wind, rain, snow, or hail.  We are rugged and enjoy the elements.  

What Have I Learned?

Friendships are the best during summertime.  Laughter is the best medicine.  And being active is the best way to keep your mind and body in tip top shape along with lively discussions.  I think my daily smoothie at my club after tennis is one of my favorite highlights.  We laugh, chat, catch up, solve problems, and have fun. The thought of working alone in an apartment or in my home without human interaction would be mind-bogglingly dull.  I would be climbing the walls. Thus, a mix of human interaction and alone time is imperative.  No wonder companies are desperately trying to get people back in the office.  I would have been back in ages ago.  I like the synergy and energy of a "team" atmosphere.  Even writers, creators, developers need a break from a computer screen. 

Recently, a friend of mine told me while vacationing in Lake Chelan the teenage sons would not go outside and instead would rather sit on their phones inside playing games.   How sad.  Put down the phones and get outside.  Be a part of the world!  Be engaged.  Be involved.  By the way, the average weight for women and men in the United States is 200lbs versus in Japan it is 137lbs.  Get outside, cut sugar and put down the fork.  Eat lean and get moving. 

How about Fashion?

When it is hot, dresses and non-tight fitting clothing are imperative. Additionally, sunglasses are important too.  I wear sunglasses all year round.   I recently learned that a rose lens is exceptional for driving, hiking and walking.  A rose hue brings out details and defines your surroundings.  And, during grey days a rose tone makes the world warm and cheery.  

Maui Jim Cliff House - Polarized - Maui Rose

Lastly, be kind to everyone you meet.  Take a moment and spread joy.  And do not forget your manners. Even though many have, you will stand out with yours amongst the crowd. Be a leader and not a follower.  For instance, a little boy at our club dropped his smoothie on the floor in front of me.  His father was not going to replace it because of the long line.  So, I decided to call out to the girls behind the counter, who I know (I try to get to know everyone because I truly like and enjoy people) to make him another.  Of course, they did without charge!  Get to know people wherever you are and give back when you can.  The world is a glorious place, and you can make a difference every day.  What are you waiting for?

That's a Wrap!

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