Classic Coach for Fall


Summer Ending

"We cannot direct the wind. But we can adjust the sails." Aristotle

Summer is winding down as the weather cools, leaves are turning into glorious hues and breathtaking flowers are slowly wilting.  You can feel the shift in the air. Embrace the pending change with anticipation for pumpkins, colors of red, gold and yellow, falling temperatures, spider webs and the end of summertime.  Once again, we long for cozy sweaters, boots, coats, scarves and apparel designated for a fall landscape.

Additionally, we are gearing up again for another roller coaster autumn.  Many events, trips, world upsets, work environments and basic daily life is shifting with uncertainty.  Of course, we cannot predict the future, yet Covid remains intact.  Hopefully more will become vaccinated, which in turn, helps end the present and immediate crisis. 

The virus will become endemic with perhaps less fear and instead similar to the annual flu vaccines. To put this is perspective, the Spanish Flu pandemic started in 1918 and was constant through 1920.  However, they did not have vaccines and good therapeutics. Luckily, in our era medical science has evolved with new technology for all paths of medicine.  Basically, we will hit the two-year mark, like the 1918 flu, in early 2022.  Or the date could be end of 2021, depending on when you think the virus started.  By then we should see a turning point.  Let's hope and pray.  Thus, remain patient, diligent and keep on living. This too will pass and the more we work as a team the better. 

In one of my previous work positions, I am reminded again that we are each entwined in a unique tapestry of individuals.  Our actions affect other people.  We are not alone on this planet and touch many in daily escapades.  For instance, if you go to a club, dinner or lunch with another person, visit a grocery store etc., you are sharing yourself not only with who you are with but also with those connected to your experience.  Those that cook, serve, and provide a pleasant note are in your tapestry. Thus, you are a part of a greater whole.  You are not alone on this planet.  Thus, think and act accordingly. 

What does this have to do with apparel?  Well, not much other than there is a focus in bringing back traditional and classic apparel that is simple in construction, while exuding quality.  

There is a push for obtaining apparel basics, high quality fabric with simplistic construction seen in social and print media.  Headbands, pencils skirts, satchel handbags, pumps, and everything timeless.  My only comment is I do believe trousers should be slim and not wide-legged.  Suiting should remain fitted and not sloppy. This is all trendy. If you want to spend money frivolously, then partake in trends.  Otherwise, stick to basics that last. 

The Rise of Classic Handbag

"I hope I can be an autumn leaf, who looked in the sky and lived.  And when it was time to leave, gracefully it knew life was a gift." - Dodinsky

The Handbag - Coach

The luxury brand Coach was founded in 1941 making quality men's wallets and billfolds.  The company morphed in the 50's to developing women's superior handbags.  The 60's and beyond built the brand into what it is today.  Many of us can remember our first Coach handbag.  No labels and instead beautiful leather and hardware that made a handbag classic.  I still have several that have weathered the test of time.  The no logo movement, except for a removeable label, are making a strong comeback.  This coincides with a desire to be connected to others but not on display. 

I know many are enthralled with sporting handbags with glitzy labels, shouting out dollars spent, yet there is something discreet, quiet, and immensely satisfying about a handbag that speaks volumes without the show factor.  In fact, several months ago, while visiting my favorite grocery store, a woman passed me, jeans, white blouse with a simple crossbody handbag.  It was elegant and memorable for its sleekness, polish, and design.  I immediately thought Coach.   Think Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Hepburn, and others gracing social media that exhibit simplicity yet did and do take care of themselves.   Or the inference of red lipstick invoking the classic vibe. 

In 2021, Jennifer Lopez is currently Coach's spokes model.  She is the perfect fit.   This past week, JL , Elle,  was wearing a hound's-tooth pencil skirt, black sleeveless turtle neck, Jackie O sunglasses with high heeled pumps.  Divine and on target for a classic moment.  

Tate Carryall 29

The Willis Top Handle

There you have it.  A classic handbag that brings pleasure, is beautifully constructed and stands out in a sea of competitors.  Be the lady in the midst.  Stand tall, walk with strength and smile even with a mask on.  Your eyes will twinkle and sparkle.   You are alive.  You are not alone.  You can be more than you are. You are connected to others even if you do not see them in your midst.  Your actions, integrity and character are centerstage.  How you proceed during difficult times shines through to all. Bask in new beginnings of fall 2021.   The world is your oyster. 

Say goodbye to summer and hello to fall 2021. 

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

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