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Yesteryear is Centerstage

Have you noticed the shift?  The 1950's or 1960's shift?  There is a silent movement of wanting less, living where it is not crowded, learning how to cook, new hobbies, being with family, helping neighbors, while thriving in an active community. Even apparel in 2021 denotes shirtdresses, jumpsuits, and headbands to name a few with a Leave it to Beaver (1957) affect.  Additionally, red lips are back! We are craving this lifestyle.  Obviously, all the time we spent at home has us wanting a simpler life with ample connection.  

Prior to Covid 19, the constant shuffle dance was in play as well as keeping up with "The Jones", which is basically competing over "consumption and stuff" instead of just being together and supporting one another.  Think of cocktail parties where people would ask where you lived and on which street.  So boorish. The empty goal for some was to accumulate the bigger house, fancier car or cars, flashy trips, pontificate collegiate snobbery, and intellectual pabulum that overall is equals one word - crass.  It was very nouveau riche and not old school. 

We realized, when life was put on hold, just how we missed our moments of gathering, having a spot of tea at someone's house, group chatting and laughing.  All else suddenly became marshmallow fluff and meant nothing.  

Today, because of the pandemic, you notice families walking every day, gardening, talking to neighbors and children playing outside.  The neighbor kids next door has a slip and slide with friends joining them throughout the day.  Imagine that?  The peals of laughter are invigorating. You would not have seen this two years ago.  Instead, the parents would be driving them to an organized sports meet with the mindset of sitting on the sidelines watching.  And, then living through their children rather than playing a sport themselves garnering new skills and relationships.  Of course, some of this is healthy too.  In our day, this was the kid's world and not the parents. Heaven forbid. Parents may have watched, coached but it did not demand all their time.  They had their own hobbies and made sure to fulfill them.  The helicopter parent is thankfully over.  

    The Outdoors

"Home, the idea of a home, is my principal purpose.  If people have bought a house as an investment or chosen the furniture because they will be able to sell it for more, you can tell in two minutes. You know, our parents did not buy a house as an investment. They bought it as a place to bring you up, to give you roots." - Sister Parrish

Like my generation, the kids are being creative by building forts in their yard or running around chasing one another.  Perhaps they are mowing the grass, riding bikes, and playing in the woods.  Sound familiar?  For us, of a certain generation, we disappeared in the summer daily and came home at dinner time.  We played games in the street or built igloos in the snow.  Life was simple.  

This simple lifestyle was and is the force and backbone that drives creativity, brilliance, and self- sufficiency.  We also worked from the age of thirteen either babysitting, paper routes, grocery stores etc.  What did this bring?  The mentality that you can achieve and do anything on your own without your parents.  You were being trained to fly, sink or swim.  And no one was going to rescue you.  Absolutely no one.  Only you. 

The Adults

"Sometimes...just spending some quality time with good friends is the only therapy you need."  - D.I. Quotes

What are the parents currently doing?  They are walking and talking with each other, discovering gardening, biking, hiking, walking dogs and overall connecting where before it was all about the children.  Now children are second and parents are first.  Remember the "cocktail hour" of parents where this was their time and children were not allowed?  Perchance do you remember our parents  smoking cigarettes (ugh) and chatting over coffee as we munchkins were playing in the neighborhood.  They were allowing us to "learn" how to entertain ourselves and giving themselves a break.  This state of life is in play again.  Parents are parents, kids are kids and the goal of every family it to help them leave the nest and to be good citizens in the world. 

Slow Down You Move Too Fast, 

You Have to Make the Morning Last!

"Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax." - Mark Black

Yesterday, I was walking out of the tennis club with a friend.   She said to me, "I am hoping my adult children will finally slow down. After the pandemic is fully over."  Since the pandemic, most have been working at home in groups together using visual media all day long, which can be overwhelming.  Of course, there has been down time for them too which instills balance.  How could you not partake in the beauty of the location you are living in. Maybe it was Lake Chelan, the San Juan's, or Palm Desert where you were sharing and renting a house.  

Suddenly, you found yourself at home with your animals, and doing chores between work breaks.  The thought of going back to the office probably is not favorable.  We always get used to what we are doing.  We become reprogrammed.  One thing is for certain, the rush to be here or there has dissipated over the last year and half. The question is will people once they go back to the office maintain balance or start up again on the spinning wheel?  Let us hope so.  

Alas, as stated in my last piece, Flexible is a Choice, change is ever present and going back to the office will be paramount.  There is joy there too.   In fact, I have another friend, who willingly went back to her company, even though not fully open, because she wanted the connection. She was tired of seeing only her four walls and wanted to be with people plus collaborate in person. 

Connection, Connection, Connection

"Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success." - Paul J. Meyer

Isn't that the case - connection?  At the end of the day, this is all any of us want.  We want to see people, chat, communicate, and be together.  Luckily, the mist has lifted and we are getting back to semi-normal.  Those vaccinated sigh with relief.  We can be out and about and feel normal again. 

As for fashion, well, headbands are back on a grand scale.  Here are a few of my favorites.



Polka Dots

Work Out 

Grasp the 50's and 60's grounded lifestyle vibe.  Simple, elegant, with a "less is best" motto.  The more you accumulate "stuff" the messier and cluttered your life becomes. Frankly, at the end of the day no one cares either.  They just want to be with you.  Instead, streamline your efforts.  Keep it classic, quiet, and ambiguous to others.  Let your personality and light shine.  The result will be connection, love and more friends, time to develop friendships and achieve your dreams. 

"It is the sweet simple things of life which are the real ones after all. " - Laura Ingalls Wilder

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