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What does it take to being flexible on the road of life especially when change is at an all time high? Well, for many the simple task of walking will transform the body and mind thus ingraining a "flexible mindset".   Of course, put your phone away or keep on silent.  Allow yourself to hear your own thoughts and unleash your creative side or solve issues.  

During the last year and a half, I have been walking with my husband and friends.  We have discovered new places, trails, wildlife, foliage, and forged friendships.  We have been accepting, evolving and creating new elements in our lives.  Along the journey, we have all strengthened our bodies and fueled our minds with conversation while admiring nature and embracing connection.  We became flexible with what we were able to do on a daily basis.   

Throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, we have had an opportunity to get off the hamster wheel and adjust our lives accordingly.  For some, the adjustment was hard, and often today's environment is a struggle for them.  Instead of embracing change, being flexible and thriving in an evolving environment, they have fought rather than accept.   What makes some like a river and others stuck in the ice?  

Resilience is Learned

"She flowed with the river, bending like a reed, knowing that dreams and hard work create reality." 

I always had a goal as a child to go to college.  I worked in a bakery in high school and made money to fulfill my dream.  Additionally, had several jobs after college that led to my work in the forming technology industry.

We worked hard and played hard.  Every day was a brand-new adventure with challenges and constant revisions which allowed us to become rivers of changing movement.  We had to jump, throw away, start over, begin again, cancel this or that and we were kept on target because we believed in the vision.  If we cancelled a get together with friends after work, we were okay with the cancellation and would reschedule. 

We collaborated late into the evenings, over holidays and on weekends. Why? Because we were busy creating and developing something bigger than us.  We knew the mission was more important than a get together.  Moreover, the word "vacation" was rare, and we never took one nor wanted too.  Of course, we travelled for business which allowed "moments" of down time along the way. 

We helped create the life we all live in today and are proud of our accomplishment.  The main key many took away was how to be flexible acknowledging constant and forever movement.  Life was and is unpredictable and we were willing to adapt.  These principals have been applied to every adventure in our lives.

The Covid 19 pandemic (horrific as it was and is) once again reminded us on the fragility of life.  It stopped us in our tracks to rethink and remind us of what is important.  Not materialistic measures or consumption but connection.  Connection is everything and without it, nothing else matters. 

"Control is an infantile illusion." 

Choose to Belong for the Greater Good

"She swam, floated, swirled in eddies, meandered down the river effortlessly, learning to evolve along the way with grace."  "She belonged to something greater than herself." 

For me my river has included thus far, a formal work career, morphed into charity work, took on dealing with a difficult family member, my mother, raised a beautiful daughter, while forming and driving tennis teams along the way.  On this road, I developed new friendships, maintained old friendships, married to the man of my dreams, managed people, expectations, created connections all the while dealing with constant conflict. Of course, we had tons of fun too.  

After all, work (a broad term) whether in corporate America, charity, tennis teams, raising kids (hardest job for sure), husband, girlfriends and family can be filled with laughter, drama, love with a sense of being a part of something greater than yourself.  This is the key - "something greater than yourself."  Few find or rather see a passionate path, sometimes it is right in front of their eyes, yet when noticed,  the world opens with arms waiting and lessons to be learned. 

Lean In - Listen to the Wind

"Listen to the wind, be informed, be part of a team, learn to bend and begin again. It is life giving us lessons to grow."

Do you remember the movie Dead Poets Society (1989) and the scene in which Robin Williams tells his students to "lean in" and look at the old photos of fellow students of the past on the wall? They all had dreams, ideas, expectations, and goal for their lives.  Take a long moment and reflect on your life and realize this is your time. This is it.  Put down your sword of discontent and open yourself to a fuller and more meaningful life.  

My point is become a flexible river, learn to transform, ride the wave, and allow the journey to be a joyful ride on a steady ship. Know that change is the spice of life.  The past is over, the present is now, and the future is unknown.  Be patient, be stalwart, courageous and strong.  Be part of the greater whole of humanity.  Do not suffer on the side lines or struggle fretting and moaning about what is gone, instead grab the now and enjoy the blessings that will come. 

Change is a gift.  It is the essence of a life well-lived.  We learn, grow, and become stronger from everything we encounter in life. Embrace it.  Be a leader.  Belong to a team. Rise above mediocrity and lead by example.  

"Carpe Diem. Seize the day boys. Make your lives extraordinary." 

Scene from Dead Poets Society (1989)

They're not different from you, are they.  Same haircuts. Full of hormones just like you. Invincible, just like you feel. The world is their oyster. They believe they are destined for great things, just like many of you.  Their eyes are full of hope, just like you.

*The boys are staring at the photos, sobered by what Keating is saying. 

Keating (Robin Williams)

Did they wait until it was too late, to make their lives into even on iota, of what they were capable? Because you see gentlemen, these boys are now fertilizing daffodils. But if you listen real close, you can hear them whisper their legacy to you.  Go ahead.  Lean in. Listen...you hear it?



You hear it?

Carpe. Carpe Diem. Seize the day boys.  Make your life extraordinary. 


On this Memorial Day, have the goal to make your life extraordinary.  Remember those who served with respect and honor.  They lived, breathed, dreamed, and gave their lives for us and our freedom. 

You are a flowing river.  Join it, be flexible, breathe and thrive. 

Happy Memorial Day! 

Until Next Time,



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