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Natures Divine Gift

"The world is your oyster; it is up to you to find the pearls." - Chris Gardner

Pearls are the quintessential jewels that glow upon the wearer.  Throughout history, women have adorned these warm orbs on many occasions highlighting the luster of the pearl and of themselves. Did you know that at funerals, wearing pearls are a symbol of tears?  I did not know this fact until this last weekend.  At the funeral of Prince Philip, which was lovely, the women of the realm wore pearls representing tears of the heart and soul. 

Whether you wear faux or real, you will always make a memorable statement.  As noted, famous fashionistas, designers and world leaders have been known to drape pearls around their necks, earlobes, fingers, and waists.  Since Roman times, pearls are considered rare, timeless, and forever classic.  

Art Imitates Life - Life Imitates Art

"Pearls go with everything." 

When reading novels, there are endless stories of women receiving a pearl necklace from a relative passed down generation after generation. The pearls are either tethered on one strand, several strands or long and sometimes knotted.  These beauties are coveted and desired.  Like characters in books, women have always decorated themselves with creamy pearls adding an understated elegance to any occasion.  

Why even the famous embrace the luxury of pearls. For instance, Jack Kennedy, favorite jewelry was pearls over diamonds.  Her classic quote remains true today, "Pearls are always appropriate." Or think of Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany (1961) with the infamous photo of her dripping with pearls, a smile, hair up, black gloves along with a twinkle in her eyes.  Other fashionistas include Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker and the list goes on.  

In 2021, pearls are making a strong comeback either with embellishments or in simplicity. There are several types of pearls to choose from natural (round), fresh water (not round, less expensive), cultured (produced in mollusk farms - round) and costume (fake, imitation).  Thus, a plethora of choices at various price points.   Pearls can be worn with almost anything in your wardrobe.  They can be dressed up or dressed down.  

Wear Your "Real" Pearls!

Why do we need to wear our "real" pearls?  Because they love moisture.  These gems are organic and found within a living creature an oyster.  They love skin that is warm and soft.  If you do not wear them, keep them in a box or vault, pearls can develop cracks effecting the overall luster and appeal. On that enlightening note, I am going to start wearing my "real" pearls regularly.  

Furthermore, be sure to not get your pearls wet, slather on body lotion or spray with perfume.  Try and keep the dirt and oil that happens on your skin at bay.  Gently wash your pearls, once in a while, and lay the strand straight to dry. This keeps the string from snapping.  When you put your pearls away, store them in something soft, a bag.  Do not use a plastic bag or throw on top of other jewelry.  They might get scratched. 

 My Favorite Pearls

"The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens." - Grace Kelly

The Real Deal

The Classic

The Earring

Faux Pearls - Let the Fun Begin

"Why wear one strand, when you can wear two?"  - Coco Chanel

I hope you enjoy seeking out the perfect strand of pearls.   There are numerous brands, styles, and designs at your fingertips. Internet shopping is delightful if I must admit. The decision and price point are at your command.  May you find contentment and elegance wearing a gorgeous strand of pearls.  Whether real of faux, you will stand out in the crowd and exude style and grace. 

While you are living your life, remember to smile, give thanks and be grateful.  Most importantly, spread kindness and be an example to all.   The world in our minds can be ugly or beautiful. Select your own special pearl of wisdom and see good and light versus the negative.   It truly is up to each of us to give back to the world with a helping hand and doses of love.   Your smile to someone may light up their sphere.  Beauty is everywhere. 

Pearls are natures gift to us.  They are magnificent and rare just like you.   On this Earth Day, let us give back by embracing the symbolic essence of pearls and remembering that we collectively are part of nature, a greater tapestry and that all of us belong to this incredible planet called, Earth.  

"Life is like a precious pearl."  Lailah Gifty Akita

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