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We live for sales these days!  Do we not?  Getting a deal on well made, designed clothing with a percent off. What more can we ask for? Currently, there are fantastic price decreases on one of my favorite brands, Rag and Bone.  During the winter months, and even in early Spring and Fall, there is nothing better than a warm cashmere sweater to drape yourself in against the chill.   Of course, I must recommend purchasing a sweater in a classic shape that is timeless rather than on trend. 

Classic or Trendy? 

Which brings up a good point?  There are always new trends for us to partake each season.  For instance, flared jeans are making a strong comeback.  Whereas skinny jeans remain front and foremost.  A skinny, cigarette or straight leg jean can be worn for years rather than with a flared hem. Another trend hitting the airwaves are loose trouser pants, which in my fashion opinion are reminiscent of pajamas.  If you are going to buy pants, I highly recommend a classic tapered style.   Why? Because I purchased baggy trouser pants in the day and ended up getting rid of them when the style changed back to a classic silhouette.   Think of the brand Theory. 

My recommendation is select apparel with a long-term goal.  And, if you must have the latest trend, chose pieces that are inexpensive.   Remember cheaper acquisitions still cost money and will eventually pill, fall apart, or end up donated.  However, donating your clothing is a worthwhile endeavor too. 

"In a world full of trendy apparel additions - I want to remain classic and an original in a crowd." KH

When thinking about any apparel, keep in mind one thought, "Are the clothes wearing you or are you wearing the clothes?"  The goal of apparel is to make people notice the entire you.  The ensemble together in one frame instead of the eye focusing on the clothing.  If you are in the entertainment industry and thrive on being "seen", then perhaps an over-the-top collaboration is your note.   For the rest of us, classic remains spot on.  

Celebrity Watching

Recently, Sharon Stone wore a cream pull over sweater and classic boyfriend jeans with a pair of loafers.  It was a perfection.   Or how about Angelina Jolie with black skinny jeans, turtleneck, tall boots, and a poncho coat. The ensemble was sleek and elegant.  Both women strive for a memorable orchestra of clothing that highlights them and not the apparel.  

We are slowly getting back to normal.  Yes, you can feel it and notice the shift in our world.  School buses are in action, people are returning to workouts, businesses are gearing up for a return to the office and many other adventures we loved before the year of Covid 19.  Therefore, think wisely before purchasing a new item.  You will be in action before you know it. 

Get Excited

Are we not excited for the next chapter to begin?  To slip into a black pair of pants, pretty blouse, blazer, and pumps for a night out? Meet up with friends, family and get back to living.  With the advent of vaccinations, the door is opening. Masks remain intact but at least you can remove them while eating and drinking or playing a competitive sport.  There is a huge sigh of relief after months of living in work out gear and no makeup.  Embrace the joy of life by dressing for success.  It is a visual world, and we can think otherwise but nature depicts this fact daily. 

Now for Rag & Bone sweaters.  Rag & Bone is an American company with Marcus Wainwright, originally from Britain at the helm.   The brand is sold to 700 retail stores. 

My Favorites 

Do Not Be Late to the Party - Selling Fast!

Fran Fair Isle Turtleneck - Only a few left! Made of Several Fibers 

Pierce Cashmere Turtle - All Cashmere - Love It

Ariel Mock Neck Sweater - Made of Several Fibers

Pierce Stripe Cashmere Turtleneck

Rag & Bone sweaters on sale! Your one in a million. Do not ever forget that point. Get aboard and ready for Spring 2021.  In the meantime, snap up a few sweaters for the chill in the air.  May you find peace and happiness along the way.  The weather is changing and so is our world in a positive symphony together. 

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy.  It's all that matters." - Audrey Hepburn

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