Winter Fashion 2021


The Chilly Artic

"Good clothing is a passport to happiness." Yves Saint Laurent

Yves St. Laurent Fashion Exhibit - Seattle Art Museum (2016)

The winter of 2021 has been brutally cold across the country.  One for the ages. With snowstorms, bitter winds and ice, the frigid temperatures have seeped into everyone's bones.  Even places slated to be warm in February tend to be on the cooler side of the temperature gage.  Though, I must note that temps are slowly getting warmer in the sun infused states.  Beyond the weather, nerves remain flared as people struggle to get the vaccine, keep safe and bundled up all in one sweep.  The stress is at an all-time high. 

It seems to me; we need to sit back and figure out how to be helpful to one another.  To be positive and appreciative for family and friends during these trying moments. We are closer to having everyone vaccinated and getting back to a semi-normal life.  In the meantime, we must be patient and diligent awhile longer. 

We need to be respectful of everyone's thoughts and measures they have taken in 2020 and in the beginning of 2021.  Some may not agree with the path you have chosen.  Stay the course.  Think positive and keep strong.  Those that moan, whine and wail about the injustices of this or that are emoting unhappiness or seeking control.  It is somewhat understandable as change has been rampant.  Learning to be flexible is the key to survive. As I have said before, "just go with it." This period in history will pass. When you stick to the plan with an upbeat vibe, you will attract more honey than flies.  It is the road less travelled. 

While we seek within us to be kind, respectful of other opinions and remain firm, we can also dress warm.  Of course, the outfit above by Yves Saint Laurent, is divine, yet it is probably not best suited for the frosty elements.  

Even with the land being ice-glacial our hearts can remain warm to share with the world.  Finally, prayers for those in Texas dealing with an unimaginable cold snap that has left them without water and electricity.  Prayers life will return to normal soon.  Be kind. Be helpful. Be present.   

Winter Warmth

The Coat!

I have worn mine almost every day.  The perfect coat for an ice-numbing environment.  It looks sleek and fashionable too.  You do not feel like you are wearing a puffy coat that overwhelms.  The North Face Metropolis II Water Repellent 550 Power Down Hooded Parka.

"The joy of dressing is an art."  John Galliano

The One & Only Hat

I own several and wear them constantly.  Comes in red and grey as well.  Kyi Kyi Beanie with Genuine Fox Fur Pom.

"I love hats and winter is the perfect time for them. I love wintertime fashion." Rebecca Ferguson

The Scarf

I love mine!  Super warm, timeless and stylish.  Burberry Giant Icon Check Cashmere Scarf

"A beautiful scarf completes an outfit and surrounds one with beauty and warmth." Kim Hardwick

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