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Beauty in a Bottle

"Perfume heralds a woman's arrival and prolongs her departure."

Beauty is hard to describe.  The very essence of what is beautiful varies from person to person, culture to culture and land to land.  Perfume is similar to the idea of beauty. It is subjective.  Perfume is a mystery, and its elixir is a marvel. The scent becomes its own magic.  It is the lingering scent that creates a moment or recreates a memory of a person.  Whether it is spice, floral or warm notes of lavender or vanilla, a scent can bring immense comfort and pleasure. 

What does stand the test of time is a signature perfume.  Perfume was created in 1340 for the Queen of Hungary.  Thus, the story of fragrances commenced.  Perfume remains at the top of everyone's list of "feeling good."  Additionally, perfume sales in 2020 were close to $34B.  

We all have experienced being around someone who smells divine.  The scent is memorable and hard to capture in a bottle. Even in novels, one can read about a character, who was shrouded in a perfume creating a lifetime memory.  Every scent is different on each person.  Isn't that the point of beauty, to not be a carbon copy of another person?   To stand out on your own as a special and unique individual.  

Perfume is symbolic to the individual. A scent can define who you are with sultry undertones, floral delights, warm vanilla and other glorious flowers and spices mixed into a bottle.  Just like us, different, unique, and vibrant.  The beauty of living and life. 

How to Pick a Fragrance?

"A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future" Coco Chanel

Selecting a fragrance can be an ordeal.  It takes time or even days to evaluate a particular perfume.  However, sometimes a fragrance seems the perfect choice when you try it on.  That is the key!  You must spray the perfume on and let it sit for twenty minutes.  It is the afterglow of the scent that remains on the skin.  Either you will love the scent or not.  Thus, we a few pointers help us examine the world of perfumery. 

"Perfume is like a new dress, it makes you quite simply marvelous." Estee Lauder

1. Know Your Nose:  Ask yourself do you like florals, specific flowers such as roses, or perhaps you gravitate towards woodsy notes, perchance crisp and light greens, rich musk, or mouthwatering vanilla etc.  You need to be aware of the world around you and notice what you lean into.  Sometimes a scent is overpowering and too much.  You will know it immediately either on another person or when you try it on yourself. 

2. Department Store:  If you make it into a department store, head toward the perfumes section. Usually, you will chose fragrances that are similar.  For instance, I love Chanel No5La Vie est Belle, Lancome, and J'adore, Dior.  Each seem comparable yet the notes are varied.   Another scent I like is L'Interdit, Givenchy worn by Audrey Hepburn. There are many more as I am always sampling and trying them on.   However, my daily "go to" scents today are La Vie est Belle and Chanel No5.   

    *Ask for a sample.
    *Wear at home.  Wait and see if you will like it.  
    *If you get compliments - you have a winner on your hands. 

3. What to Buy:  Always purchase the perfume.  It last longer. 

4.  Apply to Heat Spots:  Wrists, neck or behind knees. 

5.  Buy Matching Hair Mist

6.  Wear Perfume Whenever You Want:  There are no rules other than being aware of overpowering others.   Perhaps during a workout you can tone it down a bit.   Also, if someone has an issue with perfume, be aware and adjust.  Some are allergic. 

7.  Have Fun Sampling

Most of all, have fun figuring out your special scent.  Once you find your perfume song, stick with it for a while or forever.  People will remember your scent.  I have one friend who wears only one perfume. When I smell the scent, I think of her.  So finding your one true perfume can be your mark.   Or be like me and sample here and there.  The joys of life.  The joys of perfume.  The joy of small pleasures.  Yes, life is grand especially with a shroud of perfume encasing you. 

"I will never face the day without perfume." Elizabeth Taylor

Enjoy the day.  Beauty is everywhere.  And perfume helps to add a smile to your day and to those around you.  We are not alone in this world. We are a collective.  So, add joy to everything you do with a dab of your favorite perfume.  You are worth it. 

“Carry on beauties.  Enjoy your life. Embrace it. Spread love, joy, hope and peace.   Smile.  Make life memorable." 

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