Merry Christmas 2020


Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas one and all.  May you have a very festive day.   What a crazy year!  At the onset of the year 2020, we all had the best intentions, goals, and anticipation.   Of course, 2020 proved to be the opposite of anything we expected.  Completely 180 degrees of "What Now?"  There is no need to explain because we all have lived it. 

What is for certain is that the year is finally ending. Thank goodness.  Some have stated this was the worse year in the history of our country.  Whether it was or is not, the end is in sight and a vaccine is beginning to be administered.  Hopefully, we each can reassess what is important in our lives, anticipate some sort of normalcy swooping back into our lives.  After all, we are social creatures and being isolated is not healthy for the mind or the body. 

Spirit of Christmas - The Christmas Star

Never stop believing in the future and unknown.  This season we all decorated to the nines, baked cookies, laid out presents under the tree and made everything festive.  We are being creative meeting loved ones outdoors or in our garages.  As we close this year, we know that 2021 will bring hope, peace, and the vaccine. All we can do is continue to look for the good.  Look for the good.  Repeat, "Look for the good!" 

And, Let it Snow!

This Christmas week was a whirlwind of weather along with The Christmas Star lighting up the night. We had a torrential downpour on December 21, 2020 that turned into snow in the evening.  There were kids outside playing and enjoying the fresh snow.  And, then the Christmas Star came out that night.  The previous time it was seen was in 1226.  Imagine that.  How thrilling.  What a treat.  The Christmas Star or "Star of Bethlehem" is a bright planetary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.  We did not see it until a night or two later.  A gift to all. 

So you see - beauty, hope is everywhere.  We must believe and have faith.   

Life is a Gift

Today on Christmas day we are reminded that every day is a blessing.  Our family and friends are precious gifts.  Be present and continue to spread fairy dust to everyone.  Get outside, go for walks, and remind yourself of the gift of life.  Be thankful, be grateful and carry forth with contentment.  Pray for the ill, do what you need to do and continue to find happiness and joy.  After all, it is the only path.   It is the Christmas path.  It is the Christmas spirit. 

Merry Christmas to One and All!
Thanks for reading!  I really appreciate each and every one of you. 

Until Next Time!


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