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Inspiration - A Weekly Lift


Lakes of Beauty

Build an Oasis of Love

Many are sighing with relief.  Now is the time to unite and heal the country.  Be open, be present and accept what comes. Would it not be wonderful to unite a fractured society where hate and anger were and still are at an all-time high.  Is it not time to start accepting one another, to listen to one another, and to support one another? Rather than throw stones at those with opposite thoughts or opinions.  It has been interesting and sad to witness such vitriol, destruction, and chaos this past year and hence.  Perchance rhetoric going forward will be filled with kindness for their fellow man.  One can only pray for sunshine to fill souls. 

Thus, we begin again.  For now, notice the beauty around us.   The fall and winter to come are filled with peaceful moments when walking on your favorite trail.  Beauty surrounds us if we look.  The leaves, the wildlife, the rain, the lakes, the peace the small moments. Or maybe in your daily activities, you can spread goodwill even though your own heart maybe filled with angst.  Because maybe it is.  Perhaps we can assure others that all will be well rather than lament about what we cannot control.  Why waste precious energy? 

The unknown remains intact and anger is residing right below the ice.  The lakes of life need to be free flowing, endless with opportunity and filled with hope.   For the last four years, we were all stepping on a frozen lakes wondering what next?  Why so much anger dividing families and friends?  It was sad to watch.  Perhaps now those that had frozen thoughts, heard only one song, and spoke only one language can now relax, spread joy and love.   Will everyone with a frozen lake in beliefs thaw and fill with anticipation and excitement? Or will they remain hardened because others do not share the same beliefs.  Do they need too agree? 

"Silence speaks louder than screaming tantrums. Never give anyone the excuse to say you're crazy." Taylor Swift

Children often throw tantrums. They yell, fight, stamp their feet, fall on the ground and often deaf ears follow them. Parents will ignore the wailing child.  You never win anything by spreading vile and anger because you did not get your way.  This is the path of a spoiled child.  Most children learn quickly that their behavior is unacceptable.   

We have become very spoiled and self-centered culture. We will not be denied.  Yet, we have forgotten the one key element to a successful civilization.  Our collective connection as one.  Every action has a consequence.  We must remember we are a part of whole and that our own individual wants, and desires sometimes are put on hold for the good of many.  After all, are we not a country trying to foster a team atmosphere?  There will always be times when we did not win, we did not get the job, we did not get the award, we did not get the A, we did not get the promotion and the list goes on.  So, what do you do?  You accept.  You move on. You persevere with grace, dignity, and persistence.  You bring together and you do not alienate.  Those that are diplomatic and successful know the path well.  They are courageous and move forward with gusto.  They live, breathe and act by this mantra. 

"When life is hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are more determined to struggle for a better future."  - Queen Elizabeth II

Hate is always the opposite of love. Hate is easy.  Love is harder. In order to flourish, we need role models who remind us of the beauty and dignity of being an example of grace.  Think of Queen Elizabeth II, as a role model who no matter what happened or happens in the world or in the UK, she remained consistent, forthright sending signals of calm.   After 68 years on the throne, we all agree, she has seen a thing or two.  She never gloated, criticized, or voiced hate written or verbal.  She is a reminder to all that this moment in time will pass and be yet another segment in history.   

Most importantly, she has what people refer as "class". This is what class looks like. Role models are hard to find in a sea of spoiled angry children.  Now more than ever we need people to bond together rather than play the blame or hate game.  This is a wacky and zany time in history.  

Let us open our hearts, our minds and spread joy and contentment.  Let us get back to work building, creating and moving forward with grace.  Be a role model.  You can do it. 

2020 Over Yet?  Yet Beauty Prevails.

"Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change." - Richard Branson

Everyone I talk too is eagerly wanting this year to end.   We need to get to the other side of this frozen lake together. We need to get back to our individual and collective lakes that are free moving yet spilling over into each other wave upon wave.  We need to learn, understand differences, and accept them rather than implement control.  

Perchance this is the year to reflect, to notice others and the beauty that lies within and around you.  An opportunity to stop and look beneath the pond of our own lives?  We could take time to understand our failings, acknowledge others and learn to be open, tolerant, and understanding.  Are we getting a second chance to begin again?   A rebirth of sorts.   

"At the bottom of each frozen heart there are one or two drops of love." 

Beauty is everywhere.  We just must take time and notice.  Even the ice can be brilliant.   Surely, it will melt soon and bring us closer together.    After all, humanity is filled with strength, courage, and resilience. History has shown this repeatedly.   We are builders of our lives.  And nothing can take away our creativity, perseverance, dedication, survival instinct and resolve. 

Beauty Surrounds

This week seek out beauty.  Try  to think positively and to live in the moment.  Pick up a book, read, write down what you are grateful for, call a friend or sit quietly and embrace your surroundings.  Relish life as a gift.  Insure your own personal lake is filled with love, life, and contentment.  Be a role model of grace.  Be a connector of love.  Be filled with joy and acceptance.  Life is beauty.  

"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.  To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable."  - Helen Keller

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Inspiration - A Weekly Lift

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