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Monday's Favorite Things - Red Lips


What I love this Week?

- Red Lips for Fall & Winter

I have been remiss in writing for the last several weeks.   A holiday writing break for me.  I enjoyed a spell in Lake Chelan with friends, walks with my husband, time with dear friends (masked) and reveled in the change from summer to fall. Moreover, the beautiful trees with orange, gold and red, along with brisk air and many Charlotte's intricate spun webs in the garden filled my heart and mind with happiness.  How can one not see the beauty in the world? 
Now, I am back and ready to share my favorite things once again to my readers.   

There is so much to be grateful for every day.  Don't you think?  It is easy to get caught up in the ugly and hate that unfurls like wildfire in our country.  Isn't it better to fill our minds with love, hope and kindness?  Everyone seems on edge perhaps from the lengthy uncertainty of Covid 19 or the increasingly ugliness of our country's election.  Both have created a myriad of challenges, dysfunction among friends, family and unnecessary angst.  The loss of connection is hard to bear for many.  What is certain is this too will pass.  We will get to the other side and it will be what is meant to be in our world.  In the meantime, spread kindness and hope for a better day, a vaccine and love for humanity. 

Joy with Red Lips

A friend of mine this a.m. reminded me of the power of a strong red lip.  During WWII, women wore a red lip as a symbol of bravery and strength.  This luscious lip color was found in deep reds, brick reds, light reds, orchid reds, apple reds, and raspberry reds. The message was loud and lavish for all the world to notice.  Then, like now, was filled with the unknown of the future.  Wear a dab of red under your mask as a reminder that you are a courageous woman and are fearless. 

Reading history can be enlightening and highly recommended.  In fact, right now, I am reading a trilogy about Ireland, Britain, and America during the 1920's, crash of the stock market in 1930 and life beyond.  The trilogy begins with the book, The Irish Girl, by Santa Montefiore.   It is a reminder that change is inevitable, and life has many ups, downs, turmoil along with contentment.  What is definite is a positive attitude is the key to happiness along with determination and hope. And a reminder that the small things in life are the best.  That cup of coffee every morning, a phone call with a friend, a walk seeing wildlife or the fall of a golden leaves piling up on the ground.  These moments are memorable and lasting. We may think we live in the worst of times, but we do not.  Mark my words as a avid reader of history, we live in an extraordinary period.   History reminds us of the repeatable circle of life.  Maybe a little different but each time the circle is similar.  It is your strength during change that matters.  Pick up a history book and partake in understanding world history. 

Like the women before us during WWII, wear a bit of red on the lips and feel the Irish fire.  Wear at home on your Zoom calls, under your mask, in your car and outside on your walks in the fresh air.  Feel the power, the strength of a lion, the fight of a tiger, the boldness of a leader with conviction and the determination of a someone who loves their life.  Do not let the negative get through the fire of red. Pale lips are for the weak and reds are for the powerful.  

My Favorites

Note:  How to choose the correct red lip based on skin tone? 

  • Warm Skin Tone:  Chose reds that have orange, copper, gold, or brown undertones in them.
  • Cool Skin Tone:     Chose reds that have blue, pink, or plum undertones. 

For instance, my skin color is in the range of cool.  I look for reds that have a blue undertone.  If you have olive skin, you would chose a red with orange undertones. 

Dior - Couture Color Rouge Lipstick - 999

A Red Pink

Liquid Matt - Stays Put Eight Hours

Do not Forget - Lip Liner

There you have it - a bold red for fall and winter.   A red lip that makes you exude confidence and fierce independence.  You are not afraid of the future nor allowing negative energy to rule your life.  You seek out the best for yourself and others.  And, you spread kindness, hope and light even when the grey clouds of uncertainty knock on your door.  There is always a silver lining.  Those that can "see" will thrive when winds of change make an entrance into our world.   You are resilient and flexible with the eyes of a "knowing" tiger taking you to the next chapter.  Wear your red lips with grace and poise.  And remember to be kind.  In the end, all that matters is your ability to be humble, kind to your family, friends, and acquaintances. 

"You are a rare gem, an exclusive, a limited edition. There is only one of you.  You are the director of your life.  Make it the best movie ever." 

Until Next Time,


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