Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Take Six - Makeup


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

"Give women the right lipstick and she can conquer the world." 

Do you love makeup?  I do.  I always have enjoyed wearing red lipstick, bit of eye shadow, liner, mascara, and foundation to even out my skin tone.  Makeup gives me simple pleasure.  By the way, it is known fact that buying lipstick and wearing it will brighten your day.   Additionally, I even wear makeup (liner, lipstick with mask, and mascara) when I am off to tennis or working out.  Playing up your eyes is essential because the mask hides your face.  I do wear lipstick, so that when I am in my car, the mask comes off and there you have added color to your lips.  Why not?  This is our time!  

Lights, Camera & Makeup 

In our current world of online video, a spot of makeup is a must for live productions and film.  Of course, it is essential to have proper lighting and appropriate apparel to appear polished, confident and in charge.  Anyone who is ever in front of a camera, knows that makeup hides and highlights what you want others to see.  Think of movies, television, people in powerful place who all combine these three elements. You decide what works best for you. 

Recently, at a distanced get together, the question came up on which makeup to purchase?  With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, there are a few options in sets to splurge on.  

The Eyes Have It!

Charlotte Tilbury - Eye Makeup

What I love?  The cream-to sheen eye shadows are easy to put on and add an instant pop to the eyes.  Add a flick of mascara and you are set for a day of activities. 

Lips Say Everything

YSL - My Lips But Better Trio

What I Love? The perfect shades for fall.  Great value.  Normally $113.  Sale $72

"Buy Less. Choose Well." Vivienne Westwood

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