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"Stuff" Syndrome

The Show Must Go On!

Winter snow has arrived full force in the Pacific Northwest.  The above photo reminds me of my first ski jumpsuit by Bogner when I was 17 or 18 years old.  I worked at Safeway in the bakery to save for the ski outfit. Yes, I ate maple bars, wore an orange outfit and enjoyed the yummy bakery goods.  If you work hard, you can get anything you want.  And, you will cherish the piece for years to come.  My fashion obsession started early and this was my first real purchase that I made with my own money.  I had one ski outfit then and it was enough.  Why is one not enough anymore?

Is it the constant barrage of colors, hues, fabric, online photos, social media and every form of press which creates a "need" that doesn't exist?   Some of my friends have been pondering our desires for more "stuff" and are trying to find a new path.  I think the Megxit drama helped spur additional thoughts on what is enough?  The fairy tale of  knowing Queen Elizabeth II, princes, dukes & duchesses, living in castles, red carpets, royalty, meeting world leaders, chauffeurs, helping the poor etc. is not enough?  What is enough I dare say? The Megxit saga, which will calm down in days to come, stopped everyone in their tracks.   Not enough?  Want more?  More of what? Stuff?

 Alas, the world keeps on turning, churning and moving in an endless river of life.   The royal family continues fulfilling their engagements and the show must go on.  Maybe we learned this week that being thoughtful overrides everything else we do in this life.  Our character is what matters and thoughtfulness is at the core.  And, collecting oodles of "stuff" is not necessarily the answer.  My grandparents, aunts and uncles lived in one home for decades. We visited often and have fond memories.  In our grand world today people change their primary homes like eating candy or own several homes to divide their time.  Or they downsize to a condo and realize it is too small. The beloved home is gone and something newer must be purchased rather than treasuring one place for years to come. Don't get me wrong for some this lifestyle works. It isn't good or bad it just is a sign of the times.  Perchance some are just never satisfied and instead keep on striving for more, bigger, grander "stuff" to own and more "stuff" to fill many different homes. If your friends are over the top wealthy then trying to keep up with them could be another goal.  When is what you have enough?

In the New Year, we all need to be contemplative with everything we do and purchase.  As I wrote previous, "It's Complicated" Queen Elizabeth II" - All about Me"  the actions that occurred whether right or wrong is a poor way to run your life.  Your actions and words can generate confusion, hurt and blame in the wake of any rash and selfish decision.  We have all been there too.  How can we forget Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on the cover of W Magazine, July 2005 just months after splitting with Jennifer Aniston?  The inside photos were of the two having a family.  Angelina and Brad lacked a sensitivity chip which by the way probably ended their marriage.  Something to mull over. There are indeed other paths to getting what you want without forging chaos and pain.   It would be welcome to take a time out and make an effort to be kinder to friends, caring and pragmatic about what you say, do or purchase. 

Back to Collecting More "Stuff" Syndrome

Jerry Seinfeld has a joke about buying "stuff" and how you love the "stuff" in the beginning but it eventually ends up stowed in the garage and then lands in the dumpster or donation.  Donation is good by all means but what if we didn't spend so much up front?  I mean how many handbags and shoes does one need?  Kim Kardashian released a photo on January, 15, 2020 of her amazing and envious closet. The boots, pumps and handbags are enough to make one swoon.  Yet, would you want all of these purchases?  Would you wear them?  Let's strive to be realistic and practical.  I wear less than half of everything in my wardrobe.  Seriously, jeans, stretch pants, turtlenecks, sweaters and boots are my go to apparel during the winter months.  Warm coats, gloves, hats and scarves are the quintessential accessories.  Though I must confess, I saw a woman at Starbucks with a cross body handbag with a thick strap which reminded me of my current "want" item.  I have been obsessing over Tamara Mellon (Founder of Jimmy Choo) new online brand Tamara Mellon's handbag -  Kiss Vitello Handbag.  A friend of mine has one and it is gorgeous.  Do I need it? It comes in other colors too.  Perfect for spring.  I know,  I digressed.   See how easy it is to become excited about something new and shiny! Maybe Jerry is right.  Jerry!

Kiss Vitello Handbag - Tamara Mellon

Our new motto could be to think clearly and logically about purchasing more "stuff" and to also think before we say or do anything that could potentially hurt someone else.  Our actions do have consequences and when executed without careful thought, we take the brunt of it.  I believe all of us want to be kind to one another and share goodness to all.  Let's take a deep breathe before clicking away and ask myself do I really need it?  Let's take a moment before writing or speaking hurtful words.  If we set our sites on being thoughtful about purchases, thoughtful about what we say, thoughtful about what we write and do then we will all realize we have enough.  Our actions do have consequences and our character and integrity is paramount.  We have enough. You are enough.

To Shop Or Not Shop?  That is the Question? 

On that note, there are a few items that I truly love for winter. You can't truly stop shopping.  Can you? Nor should you.  We need a reality check.  Shop your closet first.  Take photos of your closet on your phone as a reminder. Be thoughtful with your purchases. If you don't need something - then just look.  No harm in looking. 

Here are a few items that are must own.  I have raved about them in previous posts - they are desired for the cold days to come.

The Scarf 

Lots of colors, warm and so pretty!

Halogen Cashmere Scarf 

The PomPom

Warm and stylish! 

The One & Only Glove - Tech Glove

Beautiful, Warm and Work Splendid with  Tech Accessories

Nordstrom Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves

Be Kind. Be a Light. Be Thoughtful.

Cheers, Kim


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