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Makeup, hair, apparel and girlfriends etiquette.  What more do women need than each other during the joys and hardships of life.  Or course, we love our men without question.  Yet, we want our women friends to hold our hands, listen to our woes and help carry the load when we have issues. After all, women love to talk, talk and talk more.  Men can only handle only so much chatter and would rather fix the issue than drone on or analyze a situation.   Life can be challenging and it takes a village of women to make all the pieces work efficiently.  However, just what makes a terrific girlfriend?   Here are a few of my tips which I don't always follow but try too.  Life is a journey and we are all far from perfect. And, if we were perfect wouldn't the adventure be dull and boorish?  Some girlfriends are lifelong and others are for a moment.  The truly close women stick by your side through everything.  If you are one of the lucky few, you may have friends from when you were eighteen who have stayed by your side.  They have become your family.  For me, I am blessed with several in my realm. Additionally, maybe you work with several incredible women or perhaps participate in a sport or sit on a committee where new friendships blossom.  Yes, we all have failings but time keeps us knotted together accepting one another without question. Or if we question, we seem to accept, stand up for ourselves, correct misgivings and keep moving forward carrying each other.  

The Friendship Code

1.  Listen:  A girlfriend listens and consoles without question.
2.  Vulnerable: A girlfriend allows you to be vulnerable.  They will never throw the issue or thought back into your face at a later date. If they do - you must correct immediately. 
3.  Supportive:  A girlfriend supports your endeavors.  She builds you up rather than tears you down to feel better about themselves. 
4.  Share:  A girlfriend shares her life rather than paints a rosy picture of perfection. Unfortunately, social media has taken the perfection game to a new level of unhappiness.  Remember social media is a photo album of someones life. Nothing more.  Great photos now and then are lovely but every moment cataloged and photographed is not healthy for anyone. 
5. Love:  A girlfriend loves you no matter what.  
6. Accept:  A girlfriend accepts you  no matter what.
7. Truthful:  A girlfriend treads carefully if spreading gossip or opinions that are hurtful. Here is a small caveat - do you tell the truth about something always?  Or do you keep thoughts to yourself instead of hurting your friend?  If you are asked an opinion then perhaps share your thoughts but with a soft touch.   In reality, it might be best for your friend to figure out whatever is bothering them on their own especially if it is something life changing. This is when a counselor is always the best source. They can speak the absolute truth, guide them without judgement, highlight what needs to be done and will not cause angst in a relationship.  This one step can be a hard lesson if you think you need to speak the truth.  We all have been there.  We all have done it.  We all have suffered the consequences. We do not walk in each others shoes, so why throw tar and feathers. Furthermore, the person usually senses and sees the red flags in an issue already but just needs to talk.   Instead, go back to listening and mention counseling as an excellent solution. 
8. Forgiveness:  A girlfriend is allowed to make mistakes in a relationship.  It is forgiveness that heals wounds.  If you can forgive and forget you will be on the path of contentment.  You will fight, you will cry and you will heal together.  If you don't then you cannot grow. 
9. Laugh:  A girlfriend makes you laugh.  Laughter is the best medicine. 

Okay, girlfriends are important indeed. While being mindful of our glorious friendships, let's partake in the hot makeup trends for Summer 2018.  Like it or not makeup does create a beautiful glow on every woman.  You may think no makeup is best yet if you add a little color, mascara and blush -  you will stand out in a crowd and most importantly feel better about yourself. 

"A true friend is someone who knows everything about your life and still loves you" 

Luminous Face

Foundation is Key:  Yes, we all agree not wearing foundation now and then is wonderful.  However, for a smooth finish and glossy glow with the right coverage is sublime. Giorgio Armani's foundation is sweet perfection.  1K Reviews Online.  Link Included.

"There are friends, there is family, and there are friends that become family" 


Luscious Lips

Lips, Lips, Lips:  Moist lips are essential during the summer months. Recently, during an event, a friend of mine noticed my lip balm and loved the color.  Well, I had to share my secret!  I have several of these beauties in different hues.  I love the texture and they keep my lips soft and supple. 587 Reviews Online. Link Included.

"We will be friends forever, won't we Pooh?"  Asked Piglet.  "Even longer." Pooh answered. - Winnie the Pooh


Eyes Must Have It!

Incredible Concealer: Jane Iredale concealer is a two in one deal.  High octane eye treatment containing conditioners and concealer all in one.  Use the the light tone to highlight and brighten under eyes and the darken hue to cover imperfections. 120 Reviews.  Link Included. 

"Friendship is the comfort of knowing that even when you feel alone, you aren't" 

Savor your friendships, be real, be authentic and be kind.  Life isn't a competition or keeping up with The Jones. That is the petty path between women creating jealously and envy.  Yes, it is okay to be vulnerable. It doesn't make you weak and rather highlights ones human side.  Remember the journey is about holding each other up during troubled times and supporting one another during the good times.  Ahh, and while you are at it, laugh often,  share cake, seek out positive and live each day to the fullest.  Don't forget your makeup! Adds a little sparkle to daily activities. Smile - lights, camera and action. Your On! 

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