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Kate Spade Bangles & More

Pops of Color - Summer Sunshine

Kate Spade

I.  Kate Spade Bangles:  Blue skies, sunshine, flowers blooming, barbecues and so many other small blessings spread joy and happiness to all.   Summer is such a glorious time and loved by many.   Recently, on an excursion, these colorful Kate Spade bangles were too hard to resistant.  Add to any outfit for an instant burst of fireworks and good cheer.  Currently, on sale.  Snap them up today!!  Links in the photos send a fashion maven with one click to a layered twinkling wrist of beauty. 

Sparkling Gold & Silver

Kate Spade New York - Crystal Hinge Bangle

Summer White

Kate Spade New York - Crystal Hinge Bangle

Flower Power

Kate Spade New York - Do the Twist Enamel Hinge Bangle

"She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes" - Kate Spade


Sexy Shoulders

II.  The Cold Shoulder:  Cold shoulder tops are the rage.   The bare shoulders are fashion forward providing a polished air.  Looks fabulous on all ages. 

Many Hues Available

Vince Camuto Off the Shoulder Blouse

Halogen Knit Cold Shoulder Tee

"Elegance is beauty that never fades" 


The Royal Life

III. Sumptuous Velvet:  Velvet is everywhere this fall.  This is a hint to start thinking about Fall 2017 fashion.  Alas, summer velvet is equally important.  Let's keep the sun shining for a few more months. 

Soprano Ribbed Velvet

"Don't be afraid to mix things up by pairing a military-style jacket with a velvet skirt, vintage with modern, off-the-rack with couture, formal with casual."  - Nina Garcia

Until Next Time! 

Kim Hardwick - Forever Chic Style


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