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Golden Globes 2016 - Red Carpet Fashion

"The Revenant" Swipes Competitors

The Show

"Life's a box of chocolates Forrest, you never know what you're gonna get"  - Forrest Gump (1994)

The 73rd Golden Globes shindig was held on Sunday, January 10, 2016 with Ricky Gervais at the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel.  Gervais was witty with verbal swats aimed at thespians from television and the movie industry while sipping beer.   The audience in the ball room and at home couldn't help but burst out in laughter though the bleeping did open the doors to more bleeping throughout the evening.   After all, if one can't take the heat, stay home or change the channel.  The evening is always a shades of grey affair with an "anything goes" attitude. This year was no exception and it became clear that frontier storytelling was going to snap up all the gold.  The bear of the evening was the film The Revenant, which is based on the story of Hugh Glass, swept up Best Director, Alejandro G. Inarritu Best Actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Best Film Drama.  Conversely, The Martian, was listed in the category of a Picture, Comedy or Musical which was ridiculous and heavily noted during the show.  Perhaps this was the only path for Matt Damon to win the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy, Picture or a Movie. One will never know.  It is definitely clear that this is DiCaprio's year with a lengthy list of impressive films under his knife and now the crowning moment of The Revenant.   For this writer, The Revenant was an incredible movie that is thought provoking and unforgettable.  The storytelling, cast ensemble, acting, script, cinematic beauty, visceral feats and the distinct knowledge that it was a brutal film shoot reminds the audience that a well told story is craved and desired by audiences.

More over, the best acceptance speech of the night was also from Leonardo DiCaprio with a standing ovation to boot.  It was surprising how many of the actors were unprepared to speak if they won.   DiCaprio, on the other hand, commanded the stage and gave an eloquent and poignant speech.  Obviously, some thought, memorization and practice had been put into giving a thoughtful thank you.  It is a reminder that it is necessary to learn the skill of presenting in front of a crowd with style, forethought, and grace. Tom Hanks was another eloquent presenter even with a bad cold when announcing the Cecill B. DeMille award to the deserving Denzel Washington.  The most confusing acceptance speech of the night to watch was John Hamm, Best Actor, Drama for Mad MenMad Men, was and remains an iconic show to be watched for years to come.  Don Draper, Hamm's character on Mad Men, is similar to a movie star, with substance, brilliance in presentation and with an aura that is distinctly memorable. Hamm's real personality lacks all the charismatic powerful strength of Draper which ensue obviously denotes the Golden Globe win.  Imagine if  Don Draper had won the award? Now, that may have rivaled, DiCaprio's eloquent dialogue.


Learn to Say Thank You!

Year of Yes - Shonda Rhimes - Writer - Creator of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Private Practice, How to Get Away with Murder

The "Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes would indeed help the unprepared speakers.   The book highlights the skill of learning to accept compliments and/or awards while looking into someone's eyes or in this case audiences and stating Thank You with aplomb. There is no reason to mumble, act shocked with no thoughts on what  to say or for that matter to be discombobulated.  You made it and were on the list!  And, it isn't a badge of honor to appear "cool" by acting flummoxed.  It is insulting to the audience, to the presenters, voters, fans and event.  Thus, prepare, prepare, prepare and then slay the audience with rousing rhetoric, smiles and thank you.  Can't wait for the Oscars!

"I am sorry for anyone I forgot.  I'll write you a thank-you card" - Brie Larson, Best Actress Drama - Room

The Fashion

Of course, the fashion this year did not disappoint.  The ladies and gents of the red carpet were attired in the finest apparel befitting the grand occasion.  The array of vivid reds, mustard yellows, deep navy blue, deepest blacks and crisp white floated down the red carpet with constant flashbulbs and screams from adoring fans.   The frocks embellishments varied from off the shoulder, glittering sequins, ruffle madness, flowers, sparkles and so much more.  Hair was swept up or deftly pinning under highlighting gorgeous faces.  Just who was movie star gorgeous and who tragically missed the mark?


Red, White, Navy, Mustard and Nude Moments

Movie Star Glam

8.  Whimsical - Caitriona Balfe - Alexander McQueen:  Balfe nominated for Best Performance Actress TV for Outlander, stunned in a classic black lace concoction with feminine ruffles creating a mystical and beautiful appearance.   The mix of fabric textures worked on Balfe and reminded the audience of the character Claire who floats through time in The Outlander series. Take away the ruffles and the gown becomes simple and classic modern while adding the embellishments transports the viewer back to another time.  The simple makeup, red lips and stunning drop earrings dazzle.

7.   Grecian Statute - Saoirse Ronan - Hedi Slimane's for Saint Laurent:   Ronan nominated for Best Actress, Drama - "Brooklyn"  was draped in a ivory silk dress which complimented the gorgeous skin and makeup.  The Chopard chandelier earrings and pear-cut ring added to the simplicity of this youthful and radiant beauty.

6.  Velvet Diva - Kristen Dunst - Valentino:  Dunst nominated for Best Actress Limited Series TV - "Fargo" was draped in a beautifully designed black velvet gown which glowed against Dunst's skin. The hair, makeup, drop earring was movie star chic and definitely a far cry from her character, Claire, in the crafty, twisted and random event series Fargo.

5.  Thunderbolts of Navy - Viola Davis - Marchesa:  Davis nominated for Best Actress TV for "How to Get Away with Murder" sparkled on the red carpet with gorgeous navy gown embedded with star-like crystals that radiated on the red carpet.  The fuchsia lips combined with the dress and earrings caused a stop the press moment.  Additionally, Davis grace and eloquence always outshines among many.

4.  Flowers to Impress - Amber Heard - Gucci:  This silk and tulle dress in sienna and nude by Gucci was glorious to behold.  The addition of deep hued flower-like pieces around the neck and racing down the back were utterly stunning.  Everything from the hair, lips, makeup and jewels were perfection. 


Golden Globes 2016


Golden Globes - 2014

3.  Vivacious A-Lister - Amy Adams - Atelier Versace:  Adams movie star pose was accentuated by this divine, figure enhancing and beaded gown that rivaled peers on this night.   The bewitching tangerine orange with red hair flowing down was a sight not to miss. Never one to fear oranges or reds with silky long red hair as was the case on the red carpet in 2014 for the film American Hustle.  Adams always stands out in the crowd with showstopping old Hollywood allure.

2.  Joyous Joy - Jennifer Lawrence - Dior:  Lawrence, Best Actress, Drama for the movie "Joy", was sensational on the red carpet in a red concoction with cut outs and a sparkling diamond choker.  This incredible actress not only delights on-screen but is completely at ease in public-eye whether cameras are popping or giving an acceptance speech.  This is one star on the rise and is reminiscent of the infamous Meryl Streep. 

1. Beautifully Busy - Alicia Vikander - Louis Vuitton:   Vikander nominated for Best Actress, Drama for "The Danish Girl" and Best Actress, Supporting, for "Ex Machina", stepped out under the photographer lights in a delicately pleated white gown resembling a modern and fresh pinafore.  The elegant look along with swept up hair and drop earrings were exquisite.  This maven not only was nominated for two Golden Globes but she also was the face Vuitton Spring 2015 fashion campaign.



Missed the Mark


“Have I gone mad? I'm afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

9. Surrey with a Fringe on Top or All Over - Cate Blanchett - Givenchy:  Blanchett, nominated for Best Actress, Drama"Carol"  rarely if ever disappoints on the red carpet.  However, this blush pink fringe infused gown was crazy off the charts hideous.  Yes, the pinky hue of the gown and makeup were pretty though the hair pinned underneath was so last year. The entire hand sewn get up was just a mishmash of horse fringe and lace swirls.   Back to the drawing board, indeed!


8.  Red Hot -Red Not - Natalie Dormen - J Mendel:  Dormen a Queen on "The Games of Thrones" donned a red pleated gown with straps draped on the sides of the arms finishing with sparkling black headpiece   The dress with the messy hair and pale makeup seemed a disastrous mix of elements.

"I got the wig out and brought the globes with me" - Katy Perry

7.  The Pink Bouffant - Katy Perry - Prada: The bubblegum pink fitted dress with a plunging neckline screamed a Barbie Girl moment.  The dress was figure hugging but the bouffant hair was simply a beehive that was not the slightest bit attractive.  Instead the low neckline and black piled high hair screamed "Look at me" but not in a ladylike or chic way. In fact, rather tacky.   

6.  Genie on the Lose - Kate Hudson - Michael Kors:  The blush-colored design with cutouts and a choker neckline showed off and enviable and toned womanly figure.  However, the dress is just not appropriate for a Black Tie affair.  Hudson has stunned on the red carpet over the years yet sadly this gown needs to go back into the bottle. 

5.  Rags versus Riches - Rooney Mara - Alexandar McQueen:  Mara nominated for Best Actress, Drama for "Carol" graced the red carpet in a blush toned gown that looked like rags.  The messy hued frock completely washed out Mara and did not compliment in the slightest.  Enough said.


Queen Elizabeth I

4.  Queen Elizabeth I- Jane Fonda- Yves Saint Laurent Couture:  Fonda looked absolutely sensational and queenly for her age as she strolled down the red carpet with style and panache.   The white fitted gown among a sea of brilliant hues was impressive.  However, the clamshell cape at the top of the frock was just too heavy and did not enhance Fonda. Was she going for a Elizabethan look? Inquiring minds would like to know!

3.  No Pants Please - Taylor Schilling - Takoon: This pant suit is lovely on Schilling but should not be worn to a red carpet affair.  Here are the Black Tie rules:

  • Black Tie Event:  Both men and woman arrive in formal dress.
  • Men: Black Tuxedo jacket, white formal shirt, a black bow tie, cummerbund around the waist, cuff links, black patent shoes
  • Women: Long gown with jewelry.  For pizzazz - add sparkling jewelry, creative hair, artful makeup, lips, clutch and perhaps gloves.

2. An Affront not Affair - Maura Tierney:  Tierney, Best Actress, Supporting for "The Affair" looked matronly and indifferent to the Golden Globes affair.  The gown, work out hair bun, pale makeup and interesting jewelry screamed, "I do not care about fashion."  The glasses are fine if need to be used while reading an acceptance speech but otherwise lose them or find a pair that is fashionable.  It is always surprising and sad when an artist or any woman decides that appearance means nothing.   There is only one word - disrespectful -  to the industry, peers and the fans.

1. No Suits - Judith LightLight nominated for Best Actress, Supporting for "Transparent" also did not follow the dress code for an evening affair.  Light has a great figure that would have benefited from a figure hugging gown.  The suit with cummerbund was wrinkled and overall ill fitting.

“All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.”  - Sean O'Casey


Frump of the Evening - Worst Dressed

And, the award goes too....

Fun, Flirty and So Wrong - Eva Longoria - Georges Hobeika:   The white gown was filled with a myriad of crazy design elements from bow ties, gold bow tie belt, knee-high slit and a pops of color floral bouquet on the hips. The overall look was a complete and desperate disaster.  On the other hand, Longoria has a gorgeous figure and in someways the dress is "fun" but not meant for a red carpet event.   More importantly, I am hoping her new show, Telenovela (ABC) will be a hit.  This fashionista really likes Longoria and just wished a more polished and refined ensemble.


The Queen - Best Dressed

Effortlessly confident, smart, sophisticated elegance, poise and manners
And, the award goes too....

The Queen of the Golden Globes 2016 - Jennifer Lopez - Giambattista Valli:  The Shades of Blue (NBC) star, opted for a show stopping mustard gown that was awe gasping flawless.  The hair and makeup were breathtaking and minimal with the just the right combination of reds on the lips.  Of course, the 200 carats of Harry Winston diamonds created a sparkling finish.  When Lopez walked out onto the red carpet the press screamed and the audience swooned with delight.  The effect was sheer genius.  Lopez was The Queen of the evening and the movie star that had it all on this night.


Let the fashion and film roars continue for the upcoming Oscars! 

Academy Awards - February 28, 2016

"Pain is temporary. A film is forever" - Alejandro G. Inarritu, Best Director, "The Revenant" 


Forever Chic Style - Kim Hardwick


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