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It is a new year off to a bone chilling start.  On January 7, 2014, all 50 states in America were below freezing.  The Polar Vortex ( according to the American Meteorological Society glossary - The planetary-scale cyclonic circulation, centered generally in the Polar Regions, extending from the middle troposphere to stratosphere.) which is basically cold air that usually resides in the north pole and south broke away from the main pool of frosty air and moved southward crippling the Midwest, Northeast and the South with below freezing temperatures.   Indeed, a rare occurrence and continues to march forth today on January 29th with snow and ice blanketing Atlanta for the first time in years. The dead of winter can be an icebox experience with minimal light during the day, rain, snow, sleet and hail.  Just how does a Forever Chic Style maven dress for these chill infused days?

Answer:  A great pair of stretchy black pants, a turtleneck with cashmere sweater, a stylish goose down coat, scarf, all weather leather boots and a few eye popping yet functional accessories.  Aside from heading off to work in a suit like attire or digging out of snow in ski pants, mittens and over coat - this fashionista look is one slated for weekend snow, rain, sleet and hail activities.  Or perhaps for a movie outing to view the selected films for the 86th Academy Awards show on March 2, 2014. Either way, this simple outfit is smashingly both hot figuratively and literally plus oozes Forever Chic Style.

I.  The Stretch Knit Pants for Winter Days - Burberry Brit 5 Pocket Pants:  Everyone seems to be looking for the perfect stretch pants that are warm, figure hugging and appear divine on a woman's silhouette.  Recently, at a girls night out to see the musical Evita, a friend of mine was raving about the Burberry Brit 5 Pocket Pants that she and her daughters all own.  Of course, I went on a mission to check them out.  And, these are exceptional and so flattering especially on the youth. My stepdaughter, put them on and exclaimed that the fit is fabulous and so comfortable.  Read the reviews.  Note: Vince makes a snappy and comfortable pair of stretch pants too. The Vince brand personally fit me better but the Burberry Brit 5 Pocket Pants are a close second.   Check out Forever Chic Style Blog -  Black and White Eternally Chic - Fall 2013

Burberry Brit...The Flattering Stretch Pant....

Burberry Brit Five-Pocket Pants - Nordstrom - $175

II.  Basic Diane Keaton Turtlenecks - Layering:  Keaton is famous for wearing turtlenecks in film or in daily life. In the film, Something's Gotta Give (2003) she wore white turtlenecks that looked fantastic on her.  I, too,  am partial to the "turtleneck" in either white or black that can be worn alone or with a yummy cashmere V-neck over the basic turtlenecks.  The ultimate layering brand is Majestic, however these numbers are hard to find.  My second favorite brand is Vince. Vince's  black and white numbers are expensive but will last several seasons and are perfect alone or under a soft cashmere sweater.  And, the last brand at a great price is called Loveappella!! Comes in black, violet, heather grey, bordeaux and teal.   Stock up!

The Divine Ms. Keaton....



Vince 'Favorite' Turtleneck - Nordstrom - $95



Loveappella Stretch Knit Turtleknit - Nordstorm - $48

III.   Classic, Soft and Fire Warm Cashmere Sweaters: Cashmere sweaters are sublime with a turtleneck or white blouse.  It is a classic and signature look that keeps the body warm on cold and frostbitten days.   The cost varies and now is the time to shop the sales.  Equipment is a well constructed high end brand with delicious and comfy cashmere to snuggle into on a breezy day.   Another popular brand with sumptuous cashmere is Halogen.  Remember these hot numbers will never go out of style.  Note: Neiman Marcus - cashmere brand is on sale and hits the warm and cozy mark every time during the cold winter months.

Equipment 'Asher' V-Neck Cashmere - Nordstrom - $288

Halogen Cashmere Sweater - Nordstrom - $118

IV.  The Ultimate Toasty Warm Winter Coat:  One brand - Burberry in black.  This ageless and elegant Burberry coat is a versatile piece that can be worn for any outdoor activity.  Mine was purchased 4 or 5 years ago and is the "go to" coat for heading off to play tennis everyday, brisk walks outside in the neighborhood or for a walk in the snow.  The down and feather keeps one extra warm.   The price is steep but so worth every penny.   And, it is washable plus doesn't look like the average "puffy" coat, which frankly are not attractive nor chic.   However, this warm Burberry Quilted Down Coat is the "bomb" for a bombshell fashionista!

Burberry Brit Toasty Warm Coat....

Burberry Birt 'Mareton' Quilted Down Jacket - Nordstrom - $695

V.    Knee High Riding Boots - A Must Have:  Invest in a well made leather pair of riding boots for the winter.  Choose a semi - pointed toe over a well rounded toe for statement making foot apparel.  The pointy toe is always feminine and flattering.  The best time to purchase riding boots is at the annual Nordstrom Anniversary sale in July.  Zero in on Donald Pliner's Riding Boot on sale at Nordstrom.


Perfection Knee High Riding Boots....
Donald J. Pliner 'Nellie' Boot - Nordstrom - $398 - Now - $298.50
VI.   Catwalk or Rather Cold Weather Walk Accessories: 

The Tote:  Longchamp handbags are renowned, divine and ageless. These gorgeous numbers are created from a French luxury leather goods company founded in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain. These numbers wear well and never age.  My personal all black leather Longchamp everyday handbag is over 5 years old and still looks brand new. No joke.  Again, purchasing quality always supersedes quantity!  There is another hot number that everyone seems to be picking up.  It is the Longchamp tote in medium and large made out of nylon and leather and come in a plethora of pretty hues.   Fill it with necessities and be out the door ready for anything.

Anything Longchamp is Classic and so French...

Longchamp 'LePliage' Medium Tote - Nordstrom - $115

The Everlasting  Cashmere Scarf:  Burberry Cashmere scarves are super warmish and plush for the winter.  Must have when venturing out in the brutal and chilly cold.  Expensive, yet will stand the test of time!

Burberry Scarves are Irreplaceable....

Burberry Giant Check Fringed Scarf - Nordstrom - $395

    Winter is the time for reading good books, working long hours, dreaming of business ventures or adventures, taking brisk walks, skiing in the cold, planning springtime activities or sitting by the fire in absolute quiet.  It can be the hour of discontent and the hour of contentment all in one.   This winter when the wind is blowing, snow is flying and dark comes early - step into fashion with center stage apparel that is lasting for this year and many more to come!   Spending wisely versus frivolously is a learned skill.  Enjoy the snow and the winter retreat.  Soon the sun, spring flowers, noise and heat will surround and the days of silence will be far behind.  Winter apparel will be stored away until another season of Mother Nature's wintery silence and havoc befalls the land.

    “I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says "Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.” 

    Lewis Carrol, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass


    Kim Hardwick - Forever Chic Style

    STAY TUNED: An exciting post about smart, classic and stop the presses with attention-grabbing eye wear!



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