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Small Things After All

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The holidays are here and finding the right gift is top of mind.  The malls are filled, festivities are in full swing, and Christmas is around the corner.  Listed are a few treasured gifts that will not break the bank.  These are memorable and useful.  You will be pleased to give a gift that will be cherished by the beholder. 

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 NEST - Holiday Classic Candle

Nothing like a candle burning with a holiday scent. 

Kyi Kyi Cashmere Hats 

I have several with real fur.  The faux fur is just as luxurious and warm. 

Kate Spade Princess Cut Large Studs

These beauties sparkle and make an elegant statement day or night. 

Happy Holidays!  Spread joy, light, and love.  Tis the season to be jolly. 

That's a Holiday Wrap!

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