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"The first generation builds the business, the second makes it a success, and the third wrecks it." 

Are you watching Succession (Netflix) season 4? It is a series about the Logan Roy family dynasty and the underlings vying for power, money and a business position or take over from their old and ailing father.  The series captives and is filled with family hysterics, drama, private jets, swanky homes, high flying lifestyles entwined with complete human dysfunction.  The show has a taste of the film, Greedy 1994, with Kirk Douglas and Michael J. Fox though that movie was comedic.  Alas, the storyline is definitely similar with the chasing, approval seeking and overall doing anything for the business, succession and the mighty dollar. 

The first episode of season 4 takes place with a birthday party for Logan.  Greg, a wanting money obsessed cousin, brings a date, Bridget, dressed inappropriately with a floral frock, cowboy boots and oversized tote.  Bridget is carrying a huge Burberry Tote Bag that costs $2,250 rather than a small clutch.  Everyone in the episode notices and claims how classless and tacky it is to don brand labels.  It is the beneath the truly wealthy.  Old money scions are always discreet with their wealth.  Yet, the nouveau riche are the ones quickly snapping up logos to state that they are rich.  We all know those that are truly moneyed never wear the obvious.  And, if they do, it is only one piece at a time.  Contrarily, this Burberry Tote Bag is selling out faster than you can say, "tomato, tomato."   Just to be crystal clear, the Burberry Tote Bag, would be perfection for travel and daily activities provided it was the only logoed piece worn. 

'I mean, Greg, it's monstrous. It's gargantuan. You could take it camping. You could slide it across the floor after a bank job.' -  Succession (Season 4) Tom

Just how does one define "Old Money Style?"  What makes a lasting impression? What we do know is that everything screaming a brand is passé along with cascades of jewels, outlandish hair, unfitted clothing or baring one's skin.   For that matter, these have always been a sign of nuevo riche.  A cliché.  A one note moment that causes a stir but is quickly labeled and aptly forgotten.  What is memorable?  Think Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn or the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine.  

Stylist Rochelle White has previously told FEMAIL that ostentatious prints and logos which demonstrate a person's wealth are indicative of 'new money' dressing.
She said: 'When it comes to new money and those who might have limited funds, but want to have the designer lifestyle, [people] tend to want to rock designer labels."

Old Money Style is simple, minimal, and yet memorable.  Their comments are graceful, kind and often about others rather than self.  Their beauty radiates from within and all else is mere decoration that enhances but does not distract. 

Moreover, in our current economy, one may spend less by purchasing quality pieces that are timeless rather than fritter away money on trends.  

Here are a few rules that are understated and understood for those who want to be seen, heard and respected.   

Old Money Style

  1. Pearls: Pearls can be worn every day and for every occasion.  
  2. Belts Chose belts  that are of made of leather and without logos.
  3. White Shirt: Wear a white button-down shirt often.  
  4. Handbags:  Know when to sport a clutch or tote. 
    1.  Clutch: Cocktails, dinners, events
    2.  Tote: Daily errands, gym, and travel. 
  5. Close Toed Pumps:  Always wear, always classic.
  6. Fitted Blazers:  A must even when oversized is a trend.
  7. If Slim or Shapely:  Highlight your shape.  
  8. Avoid:  Flowy frocks unless on vacation. 
  9. Makeup:  Minimal but enjoy with a pop of red on lips.
  10. Manners:  Read up on manners.  Know your tableware.  Understand communication.  Let others talk.  Do not overshadow everyone.  Read the room. 
  11. Sweaters:  Cashmere, oversized sweaters.
  12. Cell Phones: Put the Cell Phone down.  Turn off IWatch.  
  13. Real Watches: Wear a Real Watch.
  14. Jewelry: Twirl in front of a mirror.  Take off one piece of jewelry.  Keep it simple. 

There are many rules about creating Old Money Style, which right now, is a hot topic.  Just read an article today in The Wall Street Journal with the youth aspiring to this mantra.  Perhaps we are all eager to have societal standards, are tired of seeing celebrities naked in photos, and or because manners and civility are at an all-time low. 

What is true is that those with Old Money Style always stand out in a crowd.   Their apparel is understated yet chic.  Makeup, accessories are simple and minimal.  They are the ones that are not looking for accolades, for approval, for recognition and rather are living in the present. They are kind, attentive, listeners and bring people together.   Strive to be this person.  Be memorable for being you, for fitting in and for reminding everyone we are connected.  

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone." - Audrey Hepburn

That's a Wrap!

Until Next Time,
Kim Hardwick


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