Fashion Picks - May 2022


My Imaginary Life

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it." Edith Head

When I look outside today, I see lush fresh green growth, flowers, ferns, and beauty everywhere.  It is a brand-new fauna and flora world bursting the seams with joy. Color is everywhere in superb hues delighting the mind and soul.  Regarding fashion, it is the moment to drench oneself in beautiful tones and sport simple clothing for the warmer months to come.  The list of "minimalistic" apparel includes shorts, frocks, sandals, bathing suits and ropes of costume jewelry. 

What is my imaginary life?  A friend of mine used this comment recently and I loved it.  Over the last two years, many of us have collected select pieces to wear sometime in the future. Thus, waiting for our imaginary life to begin once again with events, dinners, outings, and soirees of yesteryear or rather over two years ago.  We collected in anticipation.  After all, shopping online has become a new habit that is rewarding.  Many of the brands are not sold instore allowing us to get some great "deals."  The pieces have sat lovingly in our closets. Now, is the time to break them out.  These "classic" apparel choices and jewelry are making a strong comeback.  What does this mean?

The Classics

The staples are the backbone of your clothing scheme, which enhance your image and overall, how you portray yourself to the world.   This includes blazers, trim pants, pearls, costume jewels, longer skirts, pumps, sandals, and everything timeless is back in vogue.  Everyone knows if you want to be impactful, you need to play the part.   For instance, look at Johnny Deep's attorney on Monday, May 16th, Camille Vasquez, wore a fitted navy-blue suit with high heels.  She was ready to play ball and dressed as a savvy and powerful attorney. 

Moreover, color is making a huge stamp, though it never went out of style, even in your home interiors. The Wall Street Journal, ran a piece on a famous Italian family with brilliantly hued walls, lively décor in a home stuffed with memorabilia.  For 45 years, they never painted the walls and have wall to wall carpeting. Classic is back. Warm is back and cold and dreary is out.  Think interior décor of Downton Abbey, A New Era (2022) or the upcoming vibrant fashion of Queen Elizabeth II, Platinum Jubilee.  Even the guests will be brimming in magnificent tones of the rainbow.  

Classics, elegance, grace, kindness and buying a few high-quality pieces rather than oodles of cheap and trendy clothing is on the rise.   We do want to decrease our footprint.  

What I Love!

Number 1

The Daily Pant - Think Audrey Hepburn

The Reset - Skinny Stretch Pant

Are you tired of wearing jeans?  Look no further.  These stylish, comfortable stretch pants hit the mark for either casual, work or an evening out.  They are constructed out of luxe Japanese blend fabric with back pockets.  Easy movement, lightweight and do not stretch out over time.  The Skinny Stretch Pant comes in black, navy, and plum.  The price is right and quality exceptional.  Check them out!  The reviews are endless and favorable.  


Number 2

Perfection for Walking Anywhere 

Everlane - The Modern Loafer 

The perfect loafer by Everlane.  I have numerous pairs are they are comfortable and stylish.   The 2022 edition of the loafer has been updated with stitching; additional padding combined with soft leather.  The loafer also has a black sole and heel compared to previous versions.  These are a must have for year-round living.  In black and camel. 

Number 3

The Classic for Spring

The Curated - The Classic Coat in Bone

If you have not seen, The Flight Attendant, HBO Max, I highly recommend.  The first season is a wild airplane ride, chaotic, mystery, dramatic and mesmerizing.  The cast is superb with Kaley Cuoco, Cassie, Zosia Mamet, Annie and Rosie Perez, as Megan.  Of course, Kaley, Cassie, is a crazy mess and finds herself waking up next to a dead man.  The tale begins. This quirky show is great.   What does this have to do with fashion?  

In one scene, Kaley, Cassie, is wearing a bone hued coat in spring.   I immediately thought of my stunning camel coat from The Curated - The Classic Coat, I purchased during winter.  It also comes in a delicious bone tone which would be befitting for spring and cooler summer evenings.  So tempted to pick this one up.  After all, we are having one of the coldest springs on record in the Northwest.  

There you have it.  With these three pieces, you will be able to rock your own bubble world.  It will not be imaginary but real.  What are you waiting for?  The dance, the party, the new adventures are about to commence. Are you ready? Oh, and do not forget to add a couple of statement jewelry pieces to your ensemble.  Ready, set, go. 

That's a Wrap!

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