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"You're off to great places, today is your day.  Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way." - Dr. Seuss

A new year is upon us!  Once again, we wake up with surprise, hope and a feeling of joy even when the world is a bit chaotic.  Name a time in history when it was not?  Hard right.  There is always something boiling in the kettle.  It is how you adapt, become flexible and can bend like a twig without breaking.  Can you easily transform, change your plans, and track a new course?  Or do you remain rigid, frozen in the past, ready to split, angry about the present?  Or do you blissfully comply to what is required, are fearless, think of others, and understand how your actions affect the greater good and proceed with grace?

The year of selfishness hopefully has been thrown out the window.  And, a year of being selfless is in the cards for those who want to move forward and do not want to cling to a past.  What will this year bring?  Let's pray happiness, strength, courage, love for our fellow man and new beginnings for everyone.  It may sound trite but isn't it a grand thought to wish good will towards humankind?  I believe it is.  Embrace the year with gusto.  Do not live in fear.  Do what is needed and be aware that your actions and words do affect others.  You are a part of a bigger whole.   You are not alone. 

With these words, I do have some new brands that are making me smile.  There seems to be a change in the wind for the fashion industry.  During the holidays, while shopping, I was made aware that every time in the mall, hardly anything I wanted was in stock.  Nevertheless, when I ordered online, the item came to my house within days.  I believe online is taking over and will become the more of the norm.  There are price breaks or incentives when apparel is sold directly to the consumer. 

Here are my favorites. Several are from a savvy shopping friend who only purchases high end clothing and items.  She, like me, believe in the mantra, "Will you wear this piece ten years from now?"  Or are you buying cheap apparel only to throw out in a year?  Think of a stylish French woman with only a few incredible pieces, who always looks fresh, chic, and memorable.  Additionally, being that inflation is on the rise, one must be careful of the dollars spent.  Onward fashionistas.  

Number 1

The Curated

"For me this was a way for consumers to be able to have beautiful, long lasting pieces and break away from the temptations of the fast fashion industry." - Nicola Harlem

During the holidays, this savvy shopper friend of mine wore a gorgeous camel coat to a tennis dinner.  The camel coat was in a warm caramel hue and was soft as butter.  I found out that she purchased the beauty from The Curated, which was a brand I had never heard of before until now. Upon research this classic camel coat is made from 30% cashmere and 70% merino, constructed and created in Inner Mongolia.  

The goal of The Curated is to design and craft timeless pieces that will last a lifetime.  As we all know, the current fashion industry model is to turn out cheap clothing that eventually falls apart or is thrown away. Thus, The Curated procures only high-quality fabrics with lasting quality.  The company is Australian born brand founded by Nicola Harlem and now Norwegian based with sole focus on luxury and elegance. 

More importantly, similar to the Warby Parker, Everlane, purchasing models, the cost of their apparel is half the price of others sold through a brick and motor retailer.   You simply cannot go wrong.

For me, I ordered The Classic Coat Camel in a medium.  The medium allows me to layer or wear a heavy a turtleneck underneath .  The coat can be belted or worn open.  Imagine worn open with a crisp white shirt, jeans, necklace, belt, and flats.  Or perhaps worn belted with a black turtleneck, black jeans, black knee-high boots and a red handbag.  The choices are limitless.  You can even throw on over leggings with tennis shoes when in a hurry to get out the door.  

I highly recommend The Curated and am grateful to my savvy fashion friend who shared this find with me. 

Check out: The Curated

Number 2

SKHOOP - The Original Skirt Company

"You don't go out without a jacket when it's cold. You don't like to freeze on your body! And for me it is the same with the skirt. I don't like to freeze my butt off," Kewenter said in an e-mail.

Are you a sports addict?  Do you walk your dog daily? Do you spend your days in public wearing work out gear?  Or do you wear leggings with short coats?  Lately, I have noticed how everyone seems to be in tight leggings during their daily activities.  I too have joined the team and am often seen wearing leggings with a tennis skirt or a longer coat covering my derrière.  

The challenge is if you are running around in just leggings and a short coat, you can get very cold.  And, frankly, almost no one looks good in leggings with a short top, jacket, or coat.  No matter what your age.  Save this look for working out inside a club.   Outside put something on to cover up a bit even if super thin and buffed.  More importantly, get warm while you are out walking and look fashionable.  So, again, my fabulous fashionista friend, alerted me too this fantastic brand SKHOOP

SKHOOP was created by Sissi Kewenter/Founder/Designer in Sweden wear the snow flies and it is chilly.  There are lots of options for skirts, pants, and accessories.  The one that was ordered for me is the Karolin Skirt in black and gold.  It is super warm.  I tried it on over leggings and cannot wait to wear outside in the elements.  Additionally, if I wear for sports activities, I can easily zip all the way off without tugging and pulling.   

What are you waiting for? Check our SKHOOP and embrace being warm in the elements as well as effortlessly stylish. 

Number 3

TOMO - Timeless Glam

"I wanted to spark inspiration in all women to live beautifully and joyfully with a glamorous, eco-friendly way to give back..." Tamara, CEO of TOMO

After tennis one day, a couple of us chatted with a friend.   She had a "bling" crystal encrusted water bottle.  It was gorgeous, sparkly, and creating a sensation.   We found out that the bottle was designed and created by a company called TOMOTOMO  believes in developing glamourous water bottles while giving back to the world.  The company vision is to provide 1M people with clean water for life.  Every bottle sold, gives clean drinking water to one life. 

These recyclable crystals surrounding the water bottles have a special technology that allows them to stay put.  The bottle keeps your drink hot or cold for 24 hours, 316-degree medical grade stainless steel, 4000 crystals, 100% BPA safe, FDA approved, leakproof, lightweight.  A magical sparkler that brings smiles to you and your friends, while bringing water to those in need globally. 

My personal choice was Lady Leopard.  I cannot wait to receive my beautiful water bottle.  More importantly, knowing I am helping someone else to clean water on our planet makes my heart sing. 

What are you waiting for?  Check out TOMO!!!! 

There you have it!  Fresh snaps for 2022.  Get your fingers shopping.   Get ready to stop the press, the traffic and stand out among the crowds.  Stay safe while you are at it.  Be aware of others.  You are not alone on this planet.  If we work together, anything can be achieved. 

That's a Wrap!

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