Christmas is Here!


The Snow Globe 

The snow globe is a beautiful ornament that graces many homes across the world.  For me the perfect symbol for 2021.  The history behind this beautiful curio is fascinating as well.   The oldest snow globe came about in1878 at a Paris Universal Exposition, where a local glassware company displayed a paperweight constructed of a clear globe containing a man with an umbrella and white powder.  When shaken the illusion of snow fell.  These items were popular in the 1800's and collected with enthusiasm. 

Moreover, in 1900, an Austrian man, named Erwin Perzy, hailed the inventor of the snow globe, figured out how to increase the light within, and procure the best material for the snow.   He then went on and sold dozens upon dozens with pewter figurines from his company, Firm Perzy.   It was in America, in 1927, that Joseph Garaja, patented the snow globe after constructing how to use liquid to assembly designs.  This made the snow globes an affordable commodity ranging from a $1 to $19. 

Today, millions around the world display their favorite snow globes during the holidays.  Collectors purchase them year-round.  Either way, the history of the snow globe is quite interesting.

What do snow globes have to do with today?  As I was decorating my house for Christmas this season, I realized that the world has been shaken up dramatically in the last two years.   Many seem unsettled while change has been a daily constant.  Of course, change is normal and a part of the adventure to life.  However, the rapid disruption is hard for the mind to garner.  Thus, emotions have been on high alert causing angst, loss of friendships, strained family members, life misfortunes, illness and the list goes on.  Thus, the snow globe reminds me of everyone swirling like snow waiting for it to settle.   As the snow gently falls, loved ones continue to hold each others hands.  

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!  Celebrate your friends and family.  Hold them tight.  Life is a gift.  Embrace every moment. Though the world is shaking like snow falling in a magnificent snow globe, I am confident that love will prevail.  

"Gratitude is not the only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others."  Marcus Tullius Cicero

Merry Christmas! 
Happy New Year!

Until Next Time,


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