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"Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Summertime is here with a lion's roar of escalating heat pouring across the land.  With an unprecedented heat dome over the Pacific Northwest, temperatures at the end of June were 100 to 114.  Of course, we were not prepared for such heat that zapped our energy, plants and left all unbearably hot.  The lakes, rivers, ice cubes, popsicles, ice cream and anything cold became our best friends.  However, we are survivors and survive we did.  Luckily, marine air off the coast is slowly whisking away the heat dome leading to cooler and more acceptable temperatures. 

This temperature gage of super smoking weather makes me have compassion for those living in hot climates in our country or beyond.   Of course, these destinations are prepared and acclimated for the soaring temperatures except when a grid goes down.  We even had some in our neighborhood lose power.  

What becomes noticeably clear is you must rise early at the crack of dawn and then retreat indoors until the early evening.   This is a lifestyle with sunshine galore that many crave are opting to move to hotter climates.  I have several friends who in the last few months have made a beeline to warm and toasty climates that ebb and flow with heat throughout the year.  The sun will shine many days versus our weather which typically tends to be often grey and wet.  But when the sun shines in the Pacific Northwest it is a gift from heaven and our surroundings of mountains, lakes, rivers, and evergreen trees glow ethereally. 

My personal take for summer fun is in 70's and 80's.  More importantly, I love seasons, the change to fall, frost, rain, hail, and storms though not windstorms which often creates power outages.  It is the beauty of nature, the beginning, the middle, the ending all to start over again.   Natures true beauty.    

In talking with a friends this week, she stated the following, "This is what is was like in my home in California.  Constant heat with the only saving grace of my pool."  "You get up before 7:00 a.m., walk, take care of business and then head indoors until the sun slowly begins to set."  Thus, she loves the Pacific Northwest and the cool marine air that swirls over us from the ocean.  Alas, there are always changes in weather patterns that keep us on our toes, which is the beauty of life. 

Summer Solstice

"Smell the sea, and feel the sky.  Let your soul and spirit fly." Van Morrison

On the fashion front, it is lovely to see women stepping out in their favorite sundresses.  There is a magic to their walks as they sashay into the grocery store or on their daily errands.   I personally love a flowy frock that is breezy versus anything tight. Therefore, I enjoy my tennis skirts during the dog days of summer.  The mini skirt shows off your legs and keeps one cool.  However, do not forget your sunscreen.

I just watched a video about increased pigmentation from the sun's rays that change our skin.  And, of course, melanoma is a real threat. Recently, I have heard of several people getting moles removed from their face and body due to sun damage, which can be scary.  Luckily, all are fine. We really need to embrace big hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses for yellow orb and cloudy days.  The sun's rays, though fantastic, will change the quality and health of your skin forever.  Also, if you have freckles, keep them.  They are a sign of beauty.  

"Life is better in the summer." 

Additionally, if you live in a warmer climate, your efforts need to be escalated in protecting your face and body.  This can be with SPF shirts, pants, tops, dresses, and sunscreen.  You will instantly notice that those who love the sun and are constantly in it look older than their years.  Of course, it is everyone's choice on how we take care of ourselves.  If you want to look younger, take necessary precautions. 

My Favorites

"Hello Summer" 

Tommy Bahama

Linen Shift Dress

Linen - Lots of Colors

Pearl Embroidery Shift

Cotton, modal and spandex

Chambray Ruffle Shift

100% Tencel - Soft and Feminine


Many Colors - Nylon & Spandex

Lily Pulitzer

The Swing Dress

Rayon, Spandex & Jersey

Mila Stretch Shift

Cotton, Polyester and Spandex

Valli Shift 

100% Cotton

The Hat - Erik Javitz

Summertime where living is easy.  Hope you enjoy every moment.  The world is coming back.  People are celebrating and taking in a fresh start.  Wear your dresses with pizzazz and delight in the joys of sunshine, BBQ's, friendships, family, water and basically everything that is extraordinary about this time of year.  We are opening full swing from a pandemic.  So, take a breather, rejoice, be grateful and count your blessings.  Summertime is here!  

"Friends, sun, sand and sea, that sounds good to me." Unknown

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