Yellow Mania in Apparel


Sunny Infused Delight

This Spring and Summer I am completely obsessed with yellow.  I cannot get enough of this high-spirited hue that brightens my day.  Whether I am noticing the sun or the glowing iridescent flowers in my backyard, I am transfixed.   When researching upcoming apparel topics, yellow is everywhere online and instore.  Perhaps this is because after months of negative energy, commentaries, tragedy with the virus or only plain ole gray skies, we need a touch of warmth and glittering gold. 

"Follow the Yellow Brick Road"

"How You Enter the World - Says Everything About You" 

In fact, people are craving warmth, positive comments, peace, hope and coming together. At least I am.  The yellow synergistic vibe of yesteryear is slowly to be resurrected.  The best path is to build a yellow brick road by adding something golden to your wardrobe.   It could be as subtle as a yellow barrette or earrings.   Furthermore, a yellowish touch makes you smile and speaks volumes of warmth to everyone. 

In Instyle, May 2021, Nicole Kidman, made a comment about taking care of yourself every day.  She learned from her mother and is passing on her secret to her children.  Kidman stated, "You need to smell good, look good, take care of your skin, file your nails, and take care of your feet.  Do it for yourself; it is your responsibility." I wholeheartedly agree.  

Each day is an opportunity to present your optimal self to the world.  If you get up, throw on sweats, do not take a shower, nor comb your hair, appear slovenly for a day of video conferences, then you are showing disrespect to yourself and to others.  Or perchance you spend all day wearing work out gear, put on a pair of jeans, pretty blouse and spritz on perfume before you have dinner.  For you! Step it up and shimmer amongst the throng.  Enter the world with grace and dignity. 

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language."  Miuccia Prada 

Think of people you see each day.  Are you putting your foremost self-front and center? Or are you only making do?  Those who dress for success, even with a mask on, are memorable and likeable. Your appearance, demeanor and behavior do matter.   People will make an impression of you within 30 seconds.  Do you want to be seen as confident, unforgettable, intelligent, kind, and gracious?  Or would you rather appear tragically messy, sad, angry, or apathetic about your own appearance.  Of course, the beauty of life, is you have the controls on how you are perceived. 

I know some are thinking, "who cares?" "I can dress how I like."    However, the rewards of caring about yourself are ten-fold.  When you feel good, make you a priority and dress well, you exude confidence, beauty, and intelligence.  The world becomes your oyster. 

Why not pull yourself together and gleam in the crowds of humanity.  Be the bright light that attracts and overshadows the negative and dullness.  This is your one shot, your life and no one else.  Why not be attractive, effervescent, noticeable, and humble.   Be the bright light.   

Hello Yellow

Wear yellow capturing the moment of now.   Find the right shade that suits your skin tone.  Pale yellow looks fresh and elegant on almost everyone.  Lemon yellow tones are exceptional with dark hair.  Golden yellow glows on dark skin. Mustard is between yellow and gold.  This hue is beautiful.  Bottom line, you may need to play around with kaleidoscope of yellow.   Once you find your favorite tone, purchase a few pieces to add vivacity to your step.  

Yellow Mellow Picks

Yellow is the hue for Spring and Summer 2021.  Start looking and seeking out this passionate and vivacious tone that brings a smile to every moment of your day.  May you be happy, content as a cat, fun, funny and overall, your best self.  Remember laugher is the ultimate medicine for peace and love.  And, yellow gets the party started. 

"I look over at you and see sunshine."  Unknown

Happy Mother's Day! 

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