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Just Say It Isn't So!

"I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity- all I hope for in my clothes." Yves Saint Laurent

"Mom Jeans" are making a powerful comeback in 2021.  I remember women wearing "Mom Jeans" in the day and am stunned that women are slipping down this road again.  The term "Mom Jeans" originated in the in the late 1980's and early 1990's. They were worn by mom's and considered unhip by the youth. 

A friend of mine recently asked, "What exactly are Mom Jeans?"  Typically, "Mom Jeans" are higher waisted than the high waist style, often in a light denim wash, creating a longer and flatter hind end.  There is extra fabric throughout and can emphasize a pouch if you have one. The fit is snug at the waist, sometimes with a waist band with a loose and unfitted leg.  Think of pajama pants only with extra fabric at the top.  The next requirement is to tuck-in your shirts or blouses.  

Sadly, "Mom Jeans" do not appear red carpet savvy on most and instead are quite the opposite.  We must choose jeans that enhance our gorgeous silhouettes, no matter what our size, rather than wear a jean that creates unnecessary distraction.  

"Frumpy clothes are not a girl's best friend." KH

If you remember the Saturday Night Live, NBC skit about "Mom Jeans" (2013), you may stop yourself from purchasing these unflattering concoctions.   To make matters worse, celebrities are wearing them in their daily travels and lavishing the internet with this trend. "Just say No."   The jeans make them appear overweight when they have slim silhouettes. Why would you want to hide your figure? 

Are There Exceptions?

Yes, indeed. If you are twenties, and or super skinny, then you can get away with a pair of "Mom Jeans."   Moreover, those that will rock the airwaves and stop the press with their "Mom Jeans" are few and far between.  Overall, I would recommend you steer clear and seek out a pair that is flattering to your personal silhouette. 

But, Kim, I Love Trends!

If you choose to be trendy, then you can submit to the current flash in the pan of baggy and flared jeans.  Remember these styles will be here today and gone tomorrow.  Moreover, they are often not figure enhancing and instead look like comfy sweats with a twist of sloppiness.  The one deviation is the boyfriend jean, which continues to remain classic especially if comfort is top of mind.  The main challenge of any apparel item is for you to be noticed first and not clothing. 

My suspicion of the onslaught of this baggy jean trend is the fact that during Covid 19, many have gained up to twenty pounds.  Happily, the warmer weather is upon us, and getting outside is paramount for a walk or run.  My friends who have been walking 4 miles a day during the  Covid 19 pandemic are in phenomenal shape. The health benefits abound, and the exercise will whittle off the weight.  In no time, you will be ready to slip into an admiring pair of jeans that make you smile. 

"Denim has always been an everyday shout out to having style." - KH 

Rules on Purchasing Timeless Jeans

  1. Dark Denim: Choose a dark denim wash.
  2. Light Denim:  Light denim wash ONLY for spring and summer.  In a cigarette, skinny or straight leg styles.  
  3. No Holes: No holes, rips, or tears.  Unless you want to waste your money.  Or want extra attention which you will get in spades.  Cannot help noticing someone with rips and holes in their apparel.  That is all you see!
  4. No to Baggy Jeans: No to super baggy jeans.  They may be on trend, but the silhouette is not flattering. 
  5. No to the Flare: No to flared jeans.  Again, a trend. 
  6. White Jeans:  Summer fun.  Recommend going up a size up unless heavier denim.  You do not want them to be see-through. 
  7. Jean Shorts:  A must.  Love 7 for Mankind and Tommy Bahama.  If you have good legs, flaunt them.  Tommy Bahama has lots of styles in various lengths and hues that are fun for Summer. 

"Blue denim are the most beautiful things since the gondola" - Diana Vreeland

Jean "Classic" Style Definitions

Straight Jeans - A cult classic.  These are cut straight from hip to ankle.  Most often, in 100% cotton. 

Skinny Jeans:  Snug fit through the legs and end in a small opening. The fabric is often a combination of cotton and spandex. 

Cigarette Jeans:  Are in-between skinny and straight leg jeans.  More fitted in the thighs and cut straight from knee to ankle.  Usually in an ankle length and fabric is cotton. 

Boyfriend Jeans:  Slouchy and relaxed jeans. Imagine painters' pants.  These are worn for comfort and softness with the hems rolled.  Choose a slimming style versus wider legs. 

Choose high waist or mid-rise for the best fit.  Low waist styles are okay for those without a stomach.  You do not want the dreaded muffin top.   

Another note is in regards to wearing skinny jeans or leggings.  If you are not thin, always wear a long sweater or long blouse that covers troublesome areas.   Or snag a pair of looser jeans in a straight or boyfriend style.  Add tennis shoes, sandals, pretty top and look a million bucks! 

"You can never own too much denim" - Unknown

Show Me Examples, Please

The Straight

The Skinny

The Cigarette

The Boyfriend - Slim

How we love jeans! I do, we do, we all do!  We just need the right pair that is favorable to our shape.  As I was writing this piece over the weekend, I did take stock of those sporting "Mom Jeans" during my daily escapades.  For the most part, it was the youth and they looked good when combined with cropped shirts and sandals or tennis shoes.  How could they not!

However, for us fashionistas of a certain age, I would highly recommend purchasing a "classic style" that will compliment your vivacious beauty.   You are worth it!

"Denim is a love that never fades" - Elio Fiorucci

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