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"And they lived happily ever after." 

Every fashionista requires white and black tee-shirts in their wardrobe destined for an appointment, daily activities, or a video online call.  Pair with jeans, shorts, nice pants, jackets, scarves, belts, pumps, boots, or sneakers.   White and black is classic, memorable, and easy to assemble.  

Zebra's - White & Black Marvel

In nature, white and black Zebras are one of the most magnificent creatures in Africa.  Their stripes when combined in a herd, provide coverage from predators.  Adversaries cannot single out one Zebra because the eye is confused.  Imagine everything green and lush in vibrant hues, with the Zebra overshadowing the environment.  It is breathtaking.  Moreover, each Zebra has its own special print, similar to our thumbprints, which makes them especially unique.   And, their coats help to keep them cool under the Serengeti sun.   

What does this have to do with tee-shirts? Well, nothing really.  Other than wearing either white or black is always a wise choice even for Zebras.  It works well for Zebras in their sun glistening landscape against a slew of decadent hues.  This color scheme can for you too.  Basic, clean and forever tasteful.  You will stand out amongst the vibrant and garish. 

Which Brand? Pray Tell? 

There is a plethora of brands when it comes to choosing an exceptional white or black tee-shirt.  I recently wrote about Rag & Bone (100% cotton), which I adore, though these tees are sporty rather than fitted and sublime.  Another personal favorite is the label Majestic Filatures. The fabric is soft to the touch, comfortable and breathable.  

I have worn these beauties for over ten years.  They will not fade after 100 washes, do not pill, and are fitted with a four-way stretch.  They look and feel sublime and are created in a soft viscose-wrapped elastane.  The price point is expensive, yet you will find that these silken treasures are perfection under a blazer, stand alone or with a statement piece necklace.   You do not even have to iron them.  Just slip on and carry on with your day.  For a looser fit, go up one size.  I size up. 

For fall and winter, I will wear Majestic long sleeves tee-shirts under my cashmere sweaters.  In the spring and summer, the tee-shirts are worn non-stop with shorts, jeans, and skirts.   I find myself wearing tee-shirts more often than a pretty blouse.  The effect is simple elegance and flattering.  Add a pair of all leather Greats Royale tennis shoes and you are off to the races just like a Zebra in the Serengeti. 

Majestic  Fitted Tee-Shirt

There you have it!  Majestic Filatures Tee's at your fingertips.  One click away.   I will tell you Majestic  tee-shirts sell quickly.  In fact, several department stores are already out of these beauties.  Get shopping. Enjoy the coming Summer with fun in the sunshine and so much more.  You are worth it.  It is your time to be the talk of the town.  What are you waiting for? 

"In a world full of trends, I want to remain classic." - Unknown

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