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Green Leather Handbags


Spring Goddess

Are you green with envy?  Emerald, green, lime green, kelly green, chartreuse green, hunter green and many other greenish tones are making a solid comeback this Spring and Summer of 2021.  I noticed a substantial display on a recent tour of my favorite department store of this lush and fertile color.  

Perhaps wearing green is a symbol of rebirth, a new beginning, of hope and life to begin anew.   After all, the last year has been one for the ages and never to be forgotten.   I believe we are now slowly walking out of the woods, no pun intended, and are headed for greener pastures with flowers blooming, the sun shining and an eagerness to get back to our journey in this life. 

Glorious Green Nature

Green symbolizes healing, growth, and hope.  And, as we know, nature is at the core of the hue. It is soothing, relaxing, and youthful.  When I look at the majestic Douglas Fir trees surrounding my house and beyond, or the manicured sea of green grass in the backyard, new buds on my plants, flowers beginning to open, I am filled with a sense of peace.  

As a child, I would look out of my bedroom window and took in the magnificence of the large trees in the distance.  These giants were strong, majestic and abound with life.   My love for nature is soaked in green tones, combined with lakes, rivers, and streams.  In fact, over the last year, my husband and I have walked in the valley below us where horses, cows, elk, eagles, hawks, rivers, ponds, trees, and mountains appear in the background.  The view and breathe of it all are utterly spellbinding.  We are so blessed.  You must see it.  Oh, and yes, I have a green thumb. 

Pray tell, which handbags are bedecked in a winsome style of rich green?  Well, here are a few that I found to start your spring on a wave of green desire. 

First, a few tips, on shopping for a sublime and tasteful handbag.  

  1. Small or Medium in Shape: Choose a handbag that is shaped well and has room for your things.
  2. Leather: Always go with leather. 
  3. Logos:  I have never been one to flaunt a handbag with a logo.  For me, understated elegance is the path I select when purchasing a handbag.  However, if you must a small logo is perfectly chic. 
  4. Cheerful: Select a pretty hue to brighten your day.  Chose black for elegance.  Brown for Spring and Summer. 
  5. Quality Over Quantity: Think long term when making a purchase. 

The List 

Coach Crossbody & Handbag in One

  • 10"W x 8"H x 5"D. (Interior capacity: medium.)
  • 4" strap drop; 11 1/2" shoulder strap drop; 20 1/2" - 23 1/2" convertible strap drop.
  • 2.5 lb.

Tory Burch - The Bucket

  • Adjustable removable crossbody strap, 21" drop
  • Top handle, 8" drop
  • Dimensions: 8.5"W x 4.75"D x 8.5"H
  • Leather drawstring closure
  • Exterior slip pocket, interior slip pocket
  • Protective metal feet
  • Gold-tone hardware

Coach - Shoulder Bag

  • 12"W x 11"H x 2 1/2"D. (Interior capacity: medium.)
  • 10" – 15 1/2" strap drop.
  • 1.3lb.

There you have it.  Dance to your own drum with a beautiful green handbag. Along the way, notice everything green and bursting forth with fresh growth.  Green is bound to make you happy and content with a bit of verve.  Is that not what we want in Spring and Summer 2021?  A time to smile, connect with friends and embrace the charm around.   

Yes, you are a green enchantress.   Envious you are not.  Those around you will be bewitched by your gaiety, upbeat attitude and most importantly, your green handbag.  

The world is glorious, exciting, and ever changing.  Savor the spirit of green whether you are out walking, gardening, or meeting a friend for a spot of tea.   Life is grand.   Green is the hue of life, new beginnings, and hope for a better and kinder world. 

"Dance to the beat of your own drum.  Sing with joy.  Relax with the sun.  Marvel at the world." 

Until Next Time,



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