Red Bathing Suits


Lady in Red

"When in doubt, wear red." Bill Blass

Red is the color of passion, danger, anger and ultimately love.  It is a hue that stands out in a crowd, commands attention, and flatters the owner.  Think of fashionistas sporting a red dress in film or in the real world.  Heads turn, smiles happen, and the world stops for a moment.  Red is the color that truly makes an entrance. 

Finding the correct red can be daunting.  If you have light, creamy skin with a pink cast, often a blue red is best.  If your skin is olive shade with a yellow undertone, then an orange red is your choice.  This handy chart by RITO designer knitwear can help identify your personal color of red. 

Now the fun begins.  Once you have your color wheel done, you can then choose a delightful red hue from lipsticks, apparel and yes for a bathing suit.  The next mission is finding a red bathing suit, which often is difficult.  One would believe that a red bathing suit would be available everywhere.  However, alas this is not the case.  I am not sure why?

When thinking about bathing beauties, one often thinks of Farrah Fawcett in her infamous one-piece red bathing suit.  Or on one of my trips to Hawaii, I spotted Kim Basinger, in a gorgeous red one piece.   I tend to wear tankinis rather than one-pieces. However, in this case, I will make an exception.  Because, I have finally found a couple of one-piece swimsuits in decadent red. These are selling amazingly fast.  Sizes are flying out the door though the cost does seem a bit steep. Another mystery. 

What about the Bikini? 

"Oh, I regret not having worn a bikini for the entire year I was 26. If anyone young is reading this, go, right this minute, put on a bikini and do not take it off until you are 34." - Nora Ephron

Some will think - what about a bikini?  The reality of bikini's is that you need to be in tip top shape to carry a bikini off with aplomb. And even this can sometimes not be enough.  Most likely, after a certain age, perhaps 34, a woman's body no matter how hard she works out just does not show well in a bikini. Of course, there are always exceptions though rare such as Lindsey Vonn, 36, recently spotted in a yellow bikini. However, most fashion plates simply cannot compete with a blossoming 20-year-old with perfect skin, flawless body, and an absence of lines.  And, for goodness's sake, why would you want to compete with the youth.  Instead, embrace your curves, flaws, and changes.   If you do, you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Diva Example

"I don't do fashion.  I am fashion." Coco Chanel

There are always divas.  Yes, on another Hawaiian getaway, (can you tell I am missing Hawaii?), I spotted Maria Shriver in a beautiful brown one-piece bathing suit with a big hat on the phone.  She stood out over all the other bathing beauties.  Her figure was highlighted, and her aura was noticeable.   The twenty-somethings do not have the elegance and grace that comes with age.  

In other words, if you want to be the belle of the ball, dress your age.  The doors open, red carpet rolls out and the excitement begins. Well, not really a red carpet but in your mind, you can believe it.  There is nothing more alluring than a self-confident age-something out in the world.  Especially when draped in red.  Do not forget your red lipstick or matching red mask.  Make a spectacular stop the press moment. 

Bathing Suit Beauties

The One-Piece

Sea Level

Sea Level

La Blanca

The Tankini - Pink Red - More Pink

Sea Level

Sea Level

There you have it.  Get ready for the pool, ocean, or backyard lounging.  Red is your color for Spring and Summer 2021!!  Pools, oceans, lounging or whatever suits your fancy.  The joy of red.  

"There is a shade of red for everyone. What are you waiting for? Let the fun begin.  You deserve it." 

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