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Capturing Moments 

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Photographs of our loved ones, nature or events are helpful in remembering various chapters in our lives.  For instance, during Covid 19 epidemic, we have been walking the Snoqualmie Valley Trail for over a year noticing the varying plants and animals that live in the area.  We have photographed everything from eagles, elk, red wing black birds, coyotes, hawks to the trees, and flowers in various stages of growth.  When we peruse these photos, we will be reminded of our daily walks in nature during a difficult chapter in our world.  

Pixabay - No Attribution Required

In years past, photographs by some, were loving added into albums often with captions.  Others, like me, put them in boxes, not in order, to be reviewed later.  Perhaps it was best because when we reviewed photographs showed to us, they explained with enthusiasm rather than us clicking away and coming to our own conclusions. Today we live in a fast-moving digital world, which is filled with zillions of photos from celebrities, nature, disasters, hair products, apparel, jewelry etc. You name it, you can find it online in a still photo.  We can review on social media, our cell phones, iPads, or computers.  Thus, we are constantly inundated with a rash of photos.  Whether it is good or not is up for debate. 

I do believe the over-saturation of photos of yourself on social media is beginning to fade. More are becoming less inclined to photograph every breathe and moment of existence.   Instead, they are focusing only on the important passages in life. Furthermore, people are opening social media less and less.  Maybe we are overwhelmed and tired of the all the posing? The underlying agenda seems to state the following: "The perfect life."  "Here I am."  "Look at me."  "I am so special." Does everyone need to know everything you are doing daily?  Or is it better to be a bit of mystery?  I believe mysterious is key. 

"I want to live my life not record it."  Jackie Kennedy

Memory Books

The current form of creating photo albums is online.  On my recent birthday, my sorority sister designed a photo album complied of hard copy and digital photographs from the time we were eighteen to now.  It was a thoughtful, profound, and apparently it took several friends to develop with all the scanning and uploading.   I was floored and forever thankful.  The beauty and love put into this gift will be cherished for a lifetime. 


"Happy girls are the prettiest." Audrey Hepburn

As we all know, photographs are a way to remember the ones we love. Sadly, one of my sorority sisters lost her battle to cancer this month.  Many of us were able to visit her and support her during the ordeal. We talked, laughed, reminisced, and looked at photographs which brought happiness to all of us. 

Photographs will forever prompt experiences of our cherished friend for years to come.  She symbolized beauty both inside and out.  How she handled herself is called grace.   Truly, one of the kindest women, I have known with a fabulous smile and positive outlook on life even when her world was turned upside down.  

My overall point, is revere your life, live it fully, take on challenges with gusto, fight and spread kindness and hope.  Spending time being angry, mad at someone or reliving the past only harms yourself.  Our gorgeous friend reminded me of this through her selfless actions during her life and at the end of her days.  

Continue to take photographs, post when appropriate, mark the year or the soiree, and remember those who touched your life.   This is not a dress rehearsal or a path to show off your life as picture-perfect.  Rather pick and choose what to share to the world at large.  Remember anything you put on the internet is permanent.  And, while you are at it, here are my favorite frames by Michael Aram to appreciate your photo collection.  A house or an office adorned with photographs is a catalog of your journey through life.  There is noticed warmth and glow that is defined by the photographs displayed.  You are blessed. 

Animal Kingdom 

The Black Orchid Easel Frame

The White Orchid Easel Frame

Photographs are important in sharing our lives with others, remembering and being thankful.  May we all look forward to happy times to come with the ones we love.   

"Showing grace is giving unconditional love." - Unknown

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