Inauguration Day 2021


New Day, New Dawn, A New Life

Today is a new day.  A new beginning.  A fresh start.  We stand as a country that has seen immense tragedy over COVID-19 and other horrific affairs that have left profound scars.  We pray for those that have lost loved ones from the virus, those in pain, and those who have lost their livelihoods.  Though the well of sadness has been deep, we continue to carry on.  We remain strong, resilient, proud and above all else - American.  Now is the time to come together.  A time to bring forth unity.  A time to love.  A time to heal. 

It is easy to hate, to speak ill of others, to laugh, to make fun of, to criticize, to pontificate, to be righteous, to destroy and the list goes on.  It is easy to say what we do not like, who we do not like, and yet it is much harder to embrace and move forward with grace.  It is harder to like, love, and yes harder to forgive.  We must in order to evolve and preserve our great country. 

The road of life is paved with rocks, ruts, smooth stones, and moments of sheer joy.  May we all come together, seek out one another and embrace all with love, hope and peace.  Dismantle hate.   In fact, shame those that live within the realm of hate.  For life is a blessing and something not to waste.  Those that wallow in the shadow of the darkness may their hearts grow, and light enfold their lives.  Light is the answer.  It is the only solution. 

Today was filled with speeches, words of wisdom, our national hymns, and a song of grace.   It is a day when a woman, Vice President, Kamala Harris became the first woman Vice President. 

It is a day to support our new President - President Joe Biden and his wife, First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden.  

We are all blessed to live in this country.  Whether we agree or disagree about subjects makes us unique. We are all different, which is to be enjoyed and respected.  These differences are the glue, our salvation, and our greatest gift to one another.  It makes us American and binds us.  

Today, we come together.  Today, we strive to unite.  Today, we move forward with grace, hope, love, and faith.  

God Bless America 




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