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Holiday Razzle Dazzle

How are you all doing?  Hopefully, you are decorating your homes, going on walks, and enjoying the neighborhoods you live in.  The outside house décor is off the charts this year.  Everyone is getting into the holiday spirit.  In fact, I believe there is a bit of competition going on between the neighbors.  

I envision you taking pleasure in the home festivities and decorations within your home.  Perhaps you are having a cup of hot chocolate, gathered in front of a fire after a long day of meetings, school or whatever you are doing.   The stories I am hearing from friends confirms the holiday extravaganza is indeed full sleigh ahead. 

Today, I went on a 3-mile walk with a friend.  Her house was decorated to the nines with holiday cheer.  We grabbed a latte at a locale stand where her daughter worked.  By the way, the best latte ever.  The owner who stopped by told us her twelve-year-old daughter, took their Christmas tree in the living room outside, took the lights off and flocked the tree.  The youngster wanted the snow effect!  I remember when I was little, we had a flocked tree too.  Thank you mom! So fun.  Everyone, young and old, is embracing the season and adding their own creativity and art to everything within.  Why not! 

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" 

Let us spread some fairy dust or holiday glitter on you with my first favorite stocking stuffer this year.  I am positive I will find a few others over the season that will charm and make you smile. 

My Favorite Stocking Stuffer

Small gifts are always the most cherished and usually used the most.  These simple hair bands add a touch of color to your hair.   I, often, wear one on my wrist just in case the occasion calls for a simple yet elegant ponytail.  I love the bright and cheery hues of L.Erickson ponytail holders.    I wear them every day either when at home, on a walk or when working out.   This sparkling holiday set is a perfect stocking stuffer this season. 

Sparkle & Shine

Classic Basics

Let the magic of the holidays gloss over your life.   Get ready to spread joy to loved ones, peers, and family.  Tis the season to be jolly.  Nothing will stop our happiness!  

Happy Giving! 

Until Next Time,



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