Inspiration Weekly Lift - Happy Holidays


What Brings You Joy?

The Spirit of the Holidays

It is the small things after all that brings a joyous glow to this holiday season.  This morning, my husband, lit up the living room mantle with some new lights for me to see.  The effect was beautiful, and it made my day sparkle.  Now more than ever, these cherished gestures are what we are longing for at the end of 2020.  And there are many for us to receive and for us to give to others.  We need to be present and aware of the beauty swirling around us. 

What we know for certain is that everything in 2020 has been turned upside down. Yet, we continue, dust ourselves off and keep on moving with grace, a smile, and a positive attitude.  Like Cindy Lou Who in the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  After all, why not?  No one can break our spirits and love for each other.  The holiday is here with new festivities.  We are constantly reminded that our lives are the best gift.  Of course, it is.  We may not have gatherings, but the heart of the holiday remains intact.  In the meantime, what can you do to bring about a song of happiness to you and to others?  What brings you joy?   Here is my list.    

My Favorites

Artistic Coloring

"Somedays you have to create your own sunshine." 

Do you remember coloring as a child?  How you enjoyed adding the magic of color to an image.  The effort is relaxing, inspiring and frees the mind from all negative energy.   I like to keep a coloring book open in my office.  I use Crayola crayons and gel pens.   

When I have a moment, I color in different segments.  It is like a puzzle, finding matching pieces and filling them in with the same hue.   Try it this winter.   You will find sunshine in your soul and a smile planted firmly on your face. 

"The painter has the universe in his eyes and hands." Da Vinci

Makeup, Lipstick, Nails - Oh My

"I believe all women are pretty without makeup - but with makeup can be pretty powerful" - Bobbi Brown

Appling makeup daily shows respect for yourself and for others.  You are taking time to spread color, artistry to the face while conveying a confident and successful woman.   Even if you are alone at home, or on MS Teams or Zoom calls all day, you will stand out.  You will be the one woman who feels good about herself on camera or out on errands.  Consider yourself an actress playing a part.  Do you want to be remembered or noticed?  If so, that is the beauty of being a woman.   

There are lots of favorite tutorials for makeup.  My favorite is Trinny London.  Check her out.  She also has a fabulous makeup line.  

The art of makeup can be fun, quick and make all the difference to your day.  Do not forget to paint your nails and fix your hair.  The world is a stage and this is your time!  Embrace it.  Make your life a merry moment for you and all. 

Foundation - Start with The Canvas

"Makeup magnifies the beauty within!" 

Holiday Songs - Music

Turn on holiday music for instant jubilation.   When you are driving, baking cookies, or working at home input cheer into your routine.   You will bubble over with contentment.  You may even burst out in song.   Or reminisce about being a child and loved ones gone.   

The beauty of the Christmas tree, lights, food, and decorations bring forth delight. Yesterday, I found a Christmas keepsake from my mother.  So precious.  Music tugs at our heartstrings.  Fill your minds with melodies of love, peace, and joy.  Do it now.  Blast the music in your house.  Get up and dance.  Find your own special glee. 

Celebrate Life - It is the Best Gift!

"Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations." 

Life is a gift.  2020 has been 365 days to remind us how fortunate we have been in the past and will be in the future.  Everything we loved and did prior to 2020 has changed.  However, the holiday spirit remains intact as holiday decorations and trees are sold out and houses are decorated with aplomb.  First in years.   This is telling. You cannot stop our celebrating the most loved time of the year just like Cindy Lou Who! We could all wallow and become depressed with the inflection. Or we can start again.  It is hard.  I know it is though we all are doing it. 

My daily life, besides writing, for the last fifteen years was about tennis, managing tennis teams, laughing in cars, playing hard, weekly lunches with friends while solving world problems. More importantly, the tennis life was about comradery, fellowship, partnership, and friendship.  I am positive you all have similar experiences with work at an office, raising children or whatever you had in your life.  It was a unique period.  We truly know this now.  That is the message.  Life is indeed a gift. 

Will our lives continue to evolve?  Sure, new journeys will be forged.  For instance, I just walked five miles with friends outdoors, while masked today.  New start and new beginnings.  That is the essence of life, the unknown and the roads creating new shapes. 

While the world is spinning, fill your world with what you can control.  Add coloring, makeup, and music to your life.  Embrace new horizons, opportunities that can and will arise.  Call a friend, take a walk and revel in the world around.  The sun will come up tomorrow.  And Christmas is a week away.  Toast to the spirit of the holiday season. 

Merry Christmas 

Happy Holidays!




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