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Midweek Favorite Things - Kindness, Empathy & Scarves


What I Love This Week?

Cashmere Scarves


First - Thoughts

It is the middle of November and much has transpired in the last few weeks. The holidays loom in front of us and are bound to be different.   Another shut down is upon us as the number of Covid cases are skyrocketing in our area and perhaps in yours.  As an avid tennis player, who took great precautions.  I am stunned upon hearing how many of the clubs in my neck of the woods have had outbreaks.  Of course,  it makes sense, when the weather turns, people of all ages, come inside.  

My main concern now is for the sick to get well quickly.  And those who are not sick, to follow the measures laid out to prevent further breakouts and create a peace of mind.   We cannot continue with the notion that it will never affect me, nor will I ever change my scheduled plans or actions because others are getting sick.  For instance, at the grocery store yesterday, a woman in the vegetable area was not wearing her mask properly.  I and others found it annoying.   Everyone else was wearing the mask correctly.  It is easy, simple and can protect others from you and your germs.   Some may argue differently, but for the meantime, let us make people feel comfortable rather than on edge.  Be a team player. 

Additionally, I am equally dismayed at the amount of anger displayed through every form of communication.  It is baffling and completely ignorant by those shedding vitriol.  I have listened or read about people being blatantly attacked. Or even myself recently at another grocery store encountered a woman who practically ran over me with her cart. Not a word from her just sheer anger.  There was no "excuse me, please" or "I am sorry." Nothing.  Rather just an ugly action with no eye contact.  The vileness that raged from her was mind blowing.  Are you that miserable?  Is your life that awful? What is wrong with you? 

I think people forget that when you attack, act defiant or are angry at another it is a reflection on you.    It is sad to see so many people living in the world of distress and discontentment.  

Granted, there is a lot of conflicting information on the virus.  And, the state by state guidelines vary.  We are slammed with new information daily or hear about those in power not adhering to what they have requested. This alone can question everything.  It is an "Alice in Wonderland" world.  

Please Be Kind!


Where is kindness, humility, and concern for others? As a writer, I like to spread happiness, peace, contentment, and goodwill.   I would never blast a friend with anger, communicate hate, point fingers, or laugh at another person because of their thoughts or comments.  We need somehow to implore one another to seek out civility for our fellow man.   

Social Media Posting - Be Innocuous


Lastly, be discerning about what you post on social media now.  The country is shutting down, many will lose their jobs, suffer, and struggle for survival will be imminent.  We need to be thoughtful about what we post going forward these next few months. I believe showing empathy, kindness and upbeat or humorous posts are paramount. 

For example, the Charlie Brown tree in Rockefeller Square is perfect this year and speaks volumes of 2020.  And, they found an owl at the base of the tree.  The owl is dubbed Rockefeller and was taken to the Ravensbeard Wildlife Center in Saugerties, N.Y.  Perhaps a hidden Christmas miracle and a sign of good to come. Why not spread the holiday spirit and bring joy.   I plan too. 

Now Why Cashmere Scarves?


Well, as we all know, the temperatures are dropping unless you are in a warm climate.  Otherwise, most of the country is experiencing the cold winds of winter.   Thus, a cashmere scarf wrapped around your neck is apropos during the cold winter months.  This week, I walked in a downpour was out in the cold and during both excursions wished I had swirled a cashmere scarf around my neck.   Here are my favorites. 

Burberry - The Classic

Halogen Cozy Cashmere - Several Hues

Nordstrom Cashmere Scarves

"You are a rare gem, an exclusive, a limited edition. There is only one of you.  You are the director of your life.  Make it the best movie ever." 

Until Next Time,


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