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Monday's Favorite Things - The Blazer


Classic is Key


Recently, I cleaned out my closet and donated seven bags of apparel.   The items ranged from high quality constructed blazers that I have owned over a decade along with other clothes that no longer fit.  It was difficult to let go of so many beautiful and well cherished pieces.  However, I know someone out there will love the blazers, skirts and suits that were donated.  They will be used rather than languishing in my closet and collecting dust. 

At the end of Finding Nemo (2003).   Nemo and his pals state, "Now What?" 

When you are done purging the aftermath in a wardrobe can be unnerving.  You may find yourself in Nemo's predicament and think "Now What?"  "Where are my blazers for those occasions I need them?" Of course, over the last 8 months we have been primarily house bound and without need of fancy apparel.  For me, I have lived in shorts, tees, jeans, cashmere pullovers, tennis shoes and boots.  My lovely blazers were never used.  For that matter, over the last decade or so dressing up has not been in the cards.  Other than a few outlier opportunities.   The world of apparel has changed drastically.  Yet, we do need some beautiful pieces for those unexpected moments.  And do we not feel fabulous, self-confident and show stopping when we dress up?  I do! 

Jen - Rocking as a French Woman in Balmain

My goal is to have only a few blazers that will be worn indefinitely.  They must be tailored, fit well and a classic.  The idea is to dress similar to French woman who has very few apparel items but looks like a million bucks every time she is out.  It is well-known that French women only have a few important piece of quality clothing in their closet.  They covet these items and wear them often. 

Since my closet is now sparse, I checked out Nordstrom and found a new brand for me, L'Agence.   The blazers are timeless and will stand the test of time.  And the price it better.  Isn't that what we want?   Can be easily combined with jeans, pants, skirts, tee shirts and blouse.  Add a scarf, jewelry and presto - perfection. 

Jennifer Aniston, in above photo, is sporting Balmain Double Breasted Wool Blazer that is pricey though crafted in 100% virgin wool.  The brand L'Agence is more affordable and is made of cotton and a variety of stretch material.  The company is based in California and infuses a Parisian influence.  Of course, the choice is yours when spending money. 

Balmain- Navy & Black

L'Agence - Black

Another Option - Everlane  

Fitted, 100% GoWeave Wool from Italy, Wrinkle Resistant, Exceptional price

It is rewarding to start afresh.  The year of 2020 seems to be one that change is evitable.  Our way of life has been dramatically curtailed, and we all are adjusting for the betterment of mankind.  This will pass but when is undetermined.  Perhaps at the end of next year or sooner.  In the meantime, remember to not stop living a full life.  Change is always difficult yet can be a blessing in disguise.  

Take care of your family, enjoy your friends, seek out new opportunities or hobbies and marvel at the beauty around.  Do not let the negative rain on your parade.  This is your life.  Spread goodwill and kindness to all.  While you are soaking up your life, clean out your closet, pare down your apparel and seek out only a few pieces.  A polished blazer will go a long way in the years to come. 

Do not fret, the arts will be back, dinner with friends inside and life will resume.  Hang on tight and ride the wave.   The surf will once again bring us back to what we loved before 2020 came in with a crashing and devastating footprint.   Thus, relax, enjoy and embrace change with wisdom, confidence, poise and oh yes - a flattering and enduring blazer! 

"You are a rare gem, an exclusive, a limited edition. There is only one of you.  You are the director of your life.  Make it the best movie ever." 

Until Next Time,


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