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Fall Beauty - Barbour

Lightening, rain, cold, wind and hail came down today.  However, following with blue skies, sunshine and roadsides lined with glorious trees that are filled with sublime yellow, red, and gold leaves.  Fall is simply mind blowing in the Pacific Northwest.  The awe moments are memorable and make fall one of the best seasons. 

We need these magnificent breaks in the weather to remind how spectacular and blessed we are to be alive.  Even watching "Charlottes" maintain their webs throughout the changing weather is divine.  Charlotte's are of course spiders that flourish during the change in weather patterns.  There is nothing better to see raindrops sparkling on webs spread randomly between the fading plants. 

Enough about the weather.  Instead we need to think about being warm.   My new favorite brand is Barbour which has been around since 1894 and are based in the South Shields, England.  The brand is known for their classic waxed jackets created by hand.   In the beginning, their focus was on oil skinned coats designed for the local fishing community but then morphed into a waxed cotton version in the 1930's.  This wax coating continues to evolve.  Barbour is a staple in the fashion industry and for anyone wanting to stay dry and warm during cold months. 

Navy Please

Navy is the perfect hue for fall rather than black.  Add with a brown handbag, boots, jeans, and you are ready for the blustery fall days to come.  


Weather-ready, light weight coat with diamond quilted finish. 

"You are exceptional, a leader, a formidable woman who is making a difference daily in your life. Embrace the beauty within you.  You are worth it." 

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  1. Everything about the jacket seemed fine. Quality leather, fit, color etc.The style is classic, yet modern, timeless, casual and very cool. High quality and very well crafted/constructed. Designer jackets


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