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Paint My World in Sparkling Hues

Summer is in full swing and dressed in opportunity and hope. Are you listening closely? Are you watching the world you inhabit?  For example, have you ever noticed how fish in the ocean light up their world with daring hues of color?  While dripping in tones of paintings, they live in harmony with one another, while fighting to exist and stay alive. Their vivid scales are uplifting and spellbinding.  We too love color and summer is the perfect time to surround yourself in tones of sunshine.  The power of the mind, how we fill it, what we eat, how we work out and what we wear expresses summer thankfulness. 

Bring on bold hues to make us sing with excitement and contentment.  After all, we cannot change what is happening in our world.  We can only control ourselves.   Shout, dance and live in stains of color filling the day with new opportunities and lessons.  Gladly, like me, many in the media are hearing the call to spread positive vibes and tones of glamour. 

It is a Mad World After All

Who Perchance are Leaders of the Positive Movement?

Lately, I have noticed several writers and video divas posting versions on how to be upbeat during this Alice in Wonderland world where everyone has been sent down the rabbit hole.  The insanity is at an all-time high.  There are a multitude of obsessed Mad Hatter's who relish keeping everyone whipped into a frenzy of uncertainty about the virus and upcoming election. The barrage of negativity courses through the airwaves, swirls in sound bites and hits forcefully in the face.  

The backlash, vanity, and those with superiority complexes throw out words of rote wisdom with disregard of another's feelings or thoughts.  Discussion is not acceptable. In fact, no discussion is preferred.  After all, being right is what counts. It is as if a "sharp tongue" is hailed as the new norm.  All hail the retort. Topically, reminds me of a quote from the film, No Country for Old Men (2007):

"What you got ain't anything new. This country is hard on people.  You can't stop what is coming. It ain't all waiting on you.  That's vanity."

Friendships and family members are no longer talking to one another.  The divide is volatile and sad all at once. Of course, nothing new in the divide. It has always been there and will remain intact as history continues down the same familiar path of frailty in the human condition.  History touts this story repeatedly.  The loss of connection and the rise of self-righteous vanity hums loudly.  

Instead of wallowing in discontent let us remember those who lived before us with hope, energy and love.  Look at photos from the past or think of the film, Dead Poet's Society (1989) in which Robin Williams recites while the students gaze into framed yesteryear photographs on the school wall: 

"They're not that different from you, are they? Same haircuts.  Full of hormones, just like you.  Invincible, just like you feel.  The world is their oyster. They believe they're destined for great things, just like many of you, their eyes full of hope, just like you. Did they wait until it was too late to make from their lives even one iota of what they were capable? Because, you see gentlemen, these boys are now fertilizing daffodils.  But if you listen real close, you can hear them whisper their legacy to you.  Go on, lean in.  Listen, you hear it? -- Carpe -- hear it? --Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your live extraordinary.

Our lives are extraordinarily.  When the breeze ruffles your hair, read between the lines and listen, "this all has occurred before. You are alive and extraordinary."  The circle repeats and repeats and repeats.  It is how we play in our time that matters.  We are not unique or exempt.  We know.  We read. We are aware of history.  Do we think we are different than the millions who have walked before us?   One thought is for certain, we are intelligent, brave and complicated humans.  We see.  We understand. We are not meek.  We are knowing.

Change is Inevitable - Embrace with Poise

"When is this going to end Danny?" Bloodline (Netflix 2015-2017)

Though the negative eagerly blows in the wind, positive energy is gaining ground.   You can feel it, notice it, and see it when out and about in our remarkable mask wearing environment. Yes, our magnificent country where people from around the world want to live and have an opportunity to create personal prosperity.  

Positive energy is everywhere, you just need to tap into and not let go. Do not let the negative vibe or angry Mad Hatters enter your world and knock you down.  Instead, step back, breathe and seek those who are spreading hope, love, and peace. 

Look outside, it is beautiful out even when it is cloudy or raining.  We are surrounded with opportunity.  Just believe.  The world is incredible and ever changing.  We are in the change and it is so fast that our heads may spin.  So, hang on, sit tight, ground yourself and protect your mind and body.  Treasure those reaching out with hope and excitement for betterment of mankind.   

Power of the Mind Over Body

"The thing you fear the most has no power. Your fear of it has what has the power.  Facing the truth will set you free." Oprah Winfrey

The Mind - Change Your Theme Song

A positive mind is a healthy mind.  There are several people who are adding uplifting tunes and writing about positive thinking.  One of them is Maria Shriver.  She is the author of The Sunday Paper, journalist, television personality and former California First Lady.  Her recent articles have been hopeful, promising and encouraging that life is indeed grand.  Subscribe to her paper and follow her on social media.  We need uplifting energy poured into our minds daily.

Oprah Winfrey, talk show host, actress, television producer, media executive and philanthropist,  interviews guests weekly on her Supersoul Sunday morning show. The information and noted speakers are refreshing in the land of non-stop barrage of negative loudspeakers.  Oprah, in my mind, is by far the most gifted communicator and positive personality on our planet.  She believes and is a powerful light. 

The Physical Realm

"I am in control of how I age, and I am in control of my health" Suzanne Somers

I also have been thinking mightily about physical health.  It is imperative that we start to "ponder" the food we are consuming.  Sure, we all had a few rough months and Oreo's double stuffs, or ice cream soothed our fears as we hunkered down.  Now, we are on the other side and slowly creating a "new" normal.  A cautious one though getting back to our lives of 2019 with pleasure.  Of course, wearing masks.

My husband and I have been walking every day for several miles during the pandemic though my weight has not decreased and rather increased. Laughingly, probably from the Oreo double stuffs.  As a result, I have started to following The Galveston Diet founded by Dr. Mary Claire Haver, OBGYN and entrepreneur.  Her videos are filled with facts about the body and how the food you put into it affects the outcome.  We know this but sometimes it needs to be reinforced. 

Additionally, sleep is key over nutrition. If you are not sleeping well then nutrition does not matter, according to Dr. Haver.  Thus, conquer sleep and then move on too food consumption.   The food you are eating as we age needs to be examined since the body requirements change over time.   We all know fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, avocados and some grains are good for you.   Of course, red meat and sugar increases inflammation.  Inflammation is what we need to get rid of in our bodies.  Her videos are informative. 

Or follow Suzanne Somers, actress, author, singer, businesswoman and health spokesperson, who has created a multi-million empire.   Her videos are fun, and informative with funny husband Al of fifty years.  She demonstrates how to make yummy and healthy meals using her olive oils and spices.  Check out June 24, 2020 video. 

Just Go with It - The Art of Writing

"All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know. " Ernest Hemingway

The stress in our world, the election, the civil unrest, job security, ailing parents, the virus along with a myriad of other issues put undue pressure mentally and physically.  Writing is key.  

Throughout my life, I have always composed with words written and verbal. I remember in sixth grade creating a story by cutting up sentences and putting them together to create paragraphs. Or copying poetry and quotes for me to remember during my high school and college years.  Beyond college, I have always filled paper with words, ideas, and hope. Or created videos, public speaking opportunities and facilitated in numerous situations. Truly, it is cathartic to write down what you are feeling, thinking and observing. Don't worry about grammar or being correct with words.  Every famous author has editors correcting their work.  I need one as I am solely a content writer.  It is the content that is the hardest to create and "is" the art not the grammar.  Words have power, strength, and elegance in them.  

In a previous article, Summer Gratitude, I recommended writing in a journal five minutes a day.  Wake up and write out what you are grateful for, goals for the day and then finish with what was great and what you can do better.  All the other stresses give them up. Let them go.  Just go with it.  We cannot control the outcomes of the rapid change hitting our door.   You can control your thoughts. 

Summer Glam in Rainbow Tones

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman." - Coco Chanel

Mind, health, and body all in tune with the positive universe.  The final step is to drape oneself in a dazzling hue for endless amusement.  When you look at nature everything often shines with decadent color.  Why not spend time adding a few memorable pieces to an ensemble?  It can even be painting your nails in a wicked orange or shout out pink.  After all, it is summer.  Where a bright top with jeans or bright jeans with a white top. Add earrings that match enthusiasm and happiness for a new day.  Be a brilliantly lit peacock making a glorious entrance wherever you go even if it is just outside in your backyard or in your kitchen. 

Don't forget to wear your makeup and add some lipstick for good measure.   Even if you wear a mask, a bit of stellar lipstick in the car adds to finding a sliver of normalcy in our worlds. 

There you have it.  Rise up out of Alice in Wonderland's rabbit hole and decide to be a positive light for humankind.  It is a marvelous world and we are blessed to live in it even with unprecedented change lapping at our feet.    The world will keep on evolving and we will too.  Decide to join the positive and kindness movement.  Spread good news and hope and keep the negative Mad Hatter's at bay.  Life is too precious and short to waste any more time sliding back into the hole of madness. 

Andy Dufresne:  Remember, Red, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

Andy Dufresne:  Get busy living or get busy dying. 
- The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Until Next Time,

May Your Days be Filled with Sunshine



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